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Author Topic: CICI - asianmassagebakerstreet.co.uk - Bait and Switch  (Read 872 times)

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Offline jdguy211

Its my first review so sorry for any mistake in the review format.

Girl : CICI from http://www.asianmassagebakerstreet.co.uk/

Comms: Over the phone for 1 hour outcall full service. Specifically asked for 'A' Level twice and the lady on the side agreed.

Location: In hotel near Baker street.

Girl: The girl was not the one on the website but Ok looking. Petite with big shaggy breast. Agreed cost was 180 pound but since the girl didn't had any change, I tipped her 20 buck even before the punt started.  :dash: :dash:

Massage was bad. Just sitting naked and rubbing my back with lotion. Nothing special. After 10 minutes, she asked to turn around. Rubbed some lotion on front too before requesting to put condom. When I asked about ass fuck, she said NO. We had some argument on it but she was adamant. She said may be her front desk must have though about giving me 'A' level service  :( which I never asked. I was upset so just fucked her in pussy for 5 minute before finishing in condom. Also she fakes moaning a lot. Even before I entered her pussy, she started moaning. :lol: :lol:

Later I called the front desk lady again and had big argument with her. I told her that I will let everyone know about this.

I will never use their service again. First punt in UK and turned out to be a disaster.  :( :(

Sorry to hear that your first punt in the UK was shit.  Welcome anyway !

They seem to use fake pictures on their site.


Hope next on is good ! :drinks:

Offline Andyply

big shaggy breast.
 :hi: cheers for the info, place to avoid then ~ if not he lady expected I would've said sorry no deal. At least she had shaggable  breasts  :D

Offline Ozy84

Chinese bate and switch operations seem to go under thr radar and get a lot more leeway. they are running these operations all around the world. In many years of punting am yet to find a legit chinese website. Lieing, cheating, scamming bastards are the pimps and organisers and the girls themselves who front it all quite well. You WILL find some hidden gems in these places as i have but you will lose a lot of money and time in doing so. At least with the thais 95 out of 10 the girl will resemble the pics on websites.

Offline noone123

This website got me too, it was my first punt, not a great way to start. I followed up with nurustars.com, another bad experience. I don't think the Asian websites are the way to go for a massage nor extras.

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