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Author Topic: Travelling solo anywhere in the world.  (Read 944 times)

My overwhelming passion is independent travel which is nearly always travelling solo and just booking flights invariably. South Eastern Asia has provided many fantastic experiences and being a hetrosexual male they include the ladies of the region. By far the most popular destinatin in that area would be Thailand, however I have purposly kept away from Pattaya and phuket.
      I passed through Hua Hin travelling up from the south and is excellent if you like a small town atmosphere and the ladies really are plentiful. In most smallish towns in Thailand there is a red light area which would have an array of bars and the ubiqutous massage joints. Kanchanaburi in the west is similar. Chiang Mai is beautiful and chilled with Loh Kroh Road being the epicentre but H/E is very much hit and miss.

Vietnam was fabulous in a cultural sense but also the ladies are in general, lovely. One can be propositioned just walking down the street and the big thing in Saigon are the girls on scooters who mount pavements to engage with you. There is much more on Vietnam.

Again, fabulous places but much more conservative than Thailand or Vietnam. There are places in all 3 though where if only meeting ladies is your thing, you can have a fantastic time.

on my way to Vietnam soon... what sort of price do these local girls charge?

Offline Jerboa

on my way to Vietnam soon... what sort of price do these local girls charge?

Not a place I've been, I suggest you go and do some research.

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