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Author Topic: Butterfly Touch (London agency) No longer trading!!!  (Read 1533 times)

Offline Bonetti

I have used this agency with some success in the past but not for a while so I tried to book recently with the phone not being answered.

They have posted on Twitter today that they are no longer trading, they've been around a few years, anyone know what's gone on?


Offline Jim7519

Such a shame !! Now i understand , i tried to call them many times and always get the voice mail...
But it is very strange that they closed down suddenly, Natalia ( the owner) was always very nice on the phone,,

Haven't tried to call them, but the Twitter message saying closure has disappeared....  :rolleyes:

and Emma Cute says that she's retired so I guess that indicates 'curtains down'.

Offline Jim7519

Actually they are back to business , with a different phone number...Weird

Offline WhoIsThis

Does anyone know if Butterfly Touch has closed down? There was talk here of them closing down a few months ago, but then it seemed they were still trading, but with a new phone number. I've tried calling them on the new and old numbers several times in the last couple of weeks, but the phones are always turned off and they go straight to voicemail. And they don't reply to text messages. As always, any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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