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Author Topic: Angel Amour  (Read 1282 times)

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Good punt:

Flat 7/10 - slightly difficult for me to find, but mainly becasue android seemed to get the postcode wrong. Suburban council type flat, feels safe
Appearance - 9/10. Not a 'model'  but really pretty, genuinely 18, 20 max. Nice slim firm body, flat tummy, no stretch marks, description is right.
Personality - 10/10 The word 'sweet' springs to mind. Sort of girl you might chat with at the checkout or bar work. Genuinely wants to please and wants you to enjoy

A really pretty, nice sweet girl. She has worked before briefly but you'd not know it as there was a sense of 'am I doing this right' - not the appointment stuff, as she does get that right more about details.

Everything covered but even covered absolutely great O levels, didn't last long at all. Loved reverse O and certainly got into the appointment and seemed to enjoy, no pause for assistance from Mr KY for round 2. Very tight downstairs.

If you want a genuine GFE type appointment with a pretty, sweet 18 year old, but one who knows what she is doing then she should be high on the list.


Offline Rod trotter


These young girls offer an ego boost but not much else.their inexperience shines through and can lead to an awkward punt.

Anyhoo, thats me.glad you enjoyed and good luck to her.the covered oral may not help her though  :hi:
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Offline Philbiao1

Thanks for the review man. I've been interested ever since she popped up on Amour, sadly, one of my indulgences is OWO, sometimes that's all I want in an appointment, so the lack of it, unfortunately, means that it's a no from me, but I'm glad you had a great time.  :thumbsup:

Offline Looking4fun

Good review & lack of owo doesn't bother me if its a great bj!

Offline toon972

I was nearly there with your review until the ow, good review though. :thumbsup:

FWIW don't let no OWO bother you, more than offset by the whole experience and it was some of the best I have had despite the hat on, though for me there's little point to OWO if there's no CIM [as you have to worry about an accident]. Anyway, best punt I ve had for months.

Offline Sar-Major


These young girls offer an ego boost but not much else.their inexperience shines through and can lead to an awkward punt.

Anyhoo, thats me.glad you enjoyed and good luck to her.the covered oral may not help her though  :hi:

Many thanks for the review.......  I for one agree with the comments above from RT  :thumbsup:

 :hi: :hi:

Was there any dfk?

Yes full on DFK, save for covered oral it was as if you'd managed to pick up an 18 year old and it was the first time you'd got her into bed. Felt like real GFE, better than the short lived Willow who I was also impressed with.

Some of the younger girls can be a simple case of they lay there, nervous and you re paying because they re young and pretty, others seem hard [and know they're young and pretty]. Angle was neither. Would I like OWO yes [but as above or me unless it's to completion it makes no difference to me], but she spent enough time licking everywhere else down there that it still ranks as one of my top 10BJs.

Of course you never know how it will be for others, for example many here 'rate' Amelia [and I get why] but I just didn't click with her at all.  I 'got' Scarlett of diamonds [the short haired one who rarely worked], others didn't. In the case of Angel it clicked [and I think she enjoyed it too].


Thanks for the info, She was on my list, but I have an issue with covered for oral ( that's just me). There is another girl at Amour I fancied  Heidi , but learned she was covered with oral too and have not booked her.
Glad you had a good time and nice she gave good DFK as some young ones are reluctant.

Some young escorts probably have barely learned to enjoy sex in their personal lives so the job is hard. Others, I'd put angel into this category enjoy sex as recreational fun and like being paid too.

If anyone saw jess of NG (or was it A1 days) or Lilly of xxx she has the same character and approach.

Glad to see that Angel is back on Amour's books. I ll be checking in at my earliest convenience. Just hope two of my other Amour favorites come back to work; Lainey and Willow. Both really good. Lainey probably in my top 5 ever.

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