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Author Topic: Adele4u Lancaster Gate Exceptional Service  (Read 889 times)

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Following my recent review of Miss KDD, I was reminded by various replies that I haven't done much schoolie role play lately. While thinking about possible remedies to this I remembered seeing a picture of Adele on uke wearing a nice fantasy schoolgirl outfit. So I sent her a mail and arranged a booking. 1 hour for £140. The booking was agreed via pm on uke and confirmed on the day by text.
Arrived on time and she buzzed me in. She had the outfit on and done her hair in bunches. She was all excited to see me and we snogged on the various stair levels down to her boudoir. I know she's not particularly sub or enjoys punishments, but some light spanking seemed acceptable. As I was loosening my tie and taking my jacket off she got onto the bed on all fours, stuck her curvy ass in the air and showed me there were no knickers under her tartan skirt. This was a blatant invite to sample her holes, which I did before having a freshen up in the shower.
Adele has a way of reading her clients mind, and this was no exception. It turned into an oral fest. Apart from some reverse cowgirl, Ro on her and some toy fun, it was my cock and balls that was getting all the attention. Maybe she pushed her boundaries a bit but it was full on DT with plenty of spit and drool. My arse was not neglected either by her fingers.
I had a climax finale in mind and it involved the mirror positioned at the side of the bed. The build up had her kneeling by the mirror with me stood while she licked, sucked and wanked me. At the critical moment I withdrew and ejaculated onto the mirror. There was then a frantic battle with Adele licking it off the glass while I'm catching the watery stuff that's dripping off the bottom of the mirror to smear on her face. Apologies if any subsequent punters had any issues with smears on the glass, though I'm sure Adele got the windowlene out after I left.

104 review(s) found for Adele4u linked to in above post (101 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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