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Offline Mendra


So although I promised not to visit the Brazilian luxury flats off Old Street for my sins I did after my plan A looked like it was going to go wrong. Thanks for all the hints and tips given on UKP.

My point of attraction being Gaby34EE, wanted to venture into her A level experience spoken about so much.

Description: Brazilian, busty 36D, enhanced, about 35 yrs, 5'4 tall without heels, not particularly pretty but not ugly either. Lots of tattoos around the waist line. Firm body in all parts. Can say she is a look alike of MoistJade but Jade's services are far more upmarket than Gaby's. Jade is also Brazilian and prettier too.

The game: called on very short notice and was told she was free. For a girl everyday me said was popular I thought I was lucky. With oversight, I don't think the phone in this place is ringing off the hook - this was my 3rd visit and have not had to wait or told the girl is busy.

She opened the door in a white fishnet overall. Showed me the room, paid for 30 mins £100 cos I didn't have much time - not that I would have stayed an hour anyway once I'd seen her I knew I wouldn't stay long.

Did the paperwork, she helped undress me which was a turn on, accepted shower offer. Back in the room, on the field she gave some gentle lips kisses nothing more ask if I wanted OWO or OW but seemed she had her mind made up to OW. I obliged already knowing this was not going to be anything exceptional. I knew I was TOFTT that very minute. After 5mins of DT which was good while my Woody Allen became a Rockstar. She got on the horse and rocked it for about 10mins then suggested to show me her doggie. That was nice, then she lay flat on her front while I pulled her her she turned back then she did DFK for a while I could tell she was now very wet and wanted to go further. Her English is certainly kindergarten or lower but know when asked for A level exams. She refused given reason I dare not mention (as I nearly got told off the last time I gave intimation but you can surely guess) I told her its was ok I understand it happens a lot. She offered to give me back £20. I thought that was a true professional. Left my mark, took the raincoat off, took a shower had some chit chat, spoke about Brazil, her familia, showed me some pics she obviously missed home - I didn't need to know. The meeting was over I need to go back to reality. Kissed her good bye and headed out to the west. It was raining, had the extra £20 so I hailed a black cab.

Conclusion: will I go back? Only if I am in the area. Bruna is the best of them all hands down. Gaby is a nice girl but her serves are overrated. All those balls deep comments are BS even the PSE is lame. I have surely had more much in my time. Best thing about the pint maybe the shower. I am giving her a positive because of her attitude. She wanted to satisfy but could deliver what I wanted at the time. Would I recommend? Yes for the average guy. Otherwise I could give more better recommendations on PM.

8 review(s) found for Gaby34EE linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative)

Online Ozy84

I guess that makes me average....not a bad thing tho....means i can balls deep!!!

Either that or she didn't warm to you.

Ymmv as always

Offline Mendra

Yes does warm to actually.. PM me for more details.

Got her on my HL but if she doesn't take a rump pounding as advertised I may have to delete  :unknown:

Online Ozy84

Got her on my HL but if she doesn't take a rump pounding as advertised I may have to delete  :unknown:

Mendra must be super dooper endowed as i completely ravaged her in both holes. As mentioned in my review there was even room for part of her shiny toy! Anal although tight, once i was in we went at it whilst she admired the view from the mirror to her left. As others have said she may be on the higher side rate wise however once you add all the extras up that others charge i dont think she is too far out.

Offline Mendra

Horses for courses. Jumpers for goals posts.

Online Ozy84

Mendra if im not mistaken, didnt cutest lucy graduate out of this particular brazilian operation? Old street, sutton, kensington, earls court.

Offline Nagilum

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Offline Mendra

Ozy84 I have not seen cutest lucky yet. On my list though. But reading from UkP yes seems she is a grad of those places.

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