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Author Topic: Anya - Edinburgh  (Read 804 times)

Hi guys, new member here and have my first punt booked for this evening.

I have booked an hour with Anya in Edinburgh - EH1 location.


I am struggling to find any reviews and was wondering if anyone had met her before?

Great pictures, Stu. Pretty much zero chance that i who you'll be rattling tonight.

Anyways, don't be glum - pull up a pew and tell us a bit about what you're looking for in a punt.

Someone of that size, look ideally. As I say I'm new to this - my first punt this evening.

Any recommendations of girls in the Edinburgh area would be much appreciated.

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Friday night can be barren territory for the horny hoormonger.  Best bet would be checking who is on at the saunas and cross referencing to here.

Like Dick says. if you're expecting to see the girl in the pictures, you're likely to be seriously disappointed. I'd say the best you can do is cancel the meeting and spend the time reading through recent reviews to see if you can spot a girl that tickles your wotsit.

For your first punt, you'd be much better going  to a well reviewed, genuine, girl who will accommodate any first-time nerves. There are plenty around if you do some research.

If you do go ahead with your booking, good luck (just don't though, really...)

Offline bigmike32

No way is that profile genuine have you seen the price she is charging?

How did you get on Stu? Looking forward to your first review!

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