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Author Topic: Hot Blond Lena, Warren Street  (Read 476 times)

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Cost: £70/30mins

Lena has had a few good reviews here and sounded like my cup of tea for a quick value-for-money punt. I'd tried to see her a few times but had never been able to make the timings work; I knew I'd be getting out of a meeting in the neighbourhood a bit early today, so went for a booking.

Comms were good. Booking was made via AW the night before; she texted asking me to confirm the next morning, which I did, and got a friendly reply.

She's currently based in a flat on Euston Road, halfway between Warren Street and Great Portland Street stations, which she shares with Pregnant Sophie and another girl. It's a main road but actually quite discreet, as there aren't many pedestrians along that stretch. The flat itself is fine, nothing to write home about but the bedroom she was using had an ensuite shower, which makes a change.

Physically, she is reasonably attractive with a fairly good body; large breasts and a noticeable tummy.

Others have noted that they felt rushed with Lena. I wouldn't say rushed was necessarily the word; rather I found her perfunctory. She's sweet and friendly enough, chatting happily in fairly good English, but when it came to the actual service there really wasn't much to it. Only a couple of kisses - I wouldn't even go so far as to call them FK, let alone DFK - were allowed before she turned her face away. This was followed by a very poor bout of oral (covered, although she offered without) where her teeth grazed me a number of times, but this was - perhaps mercifully - also short. Since I was already laying down I invited her to climb on top, which she did for just a few minutes before deciding it was my turn, and climbed off to present herself for doggy.

After I finished, she suggested a massage, which I know is a time-wasting tactic but which I usually enjoy anyway. And it was quite nice. But again, after a few minutes of that she suddenly said "OK, you can take a shower now", indicating the session was over, and disappeared out of the room: with easily ten minutes left on the clock. I know I could have objected, but to be honest it's not much fun to get into an argument in order to get a few minutes of grudging service.

When I came out of the shower she was back in the room again, happy to engage in conversation but just as clearly not prepared to get back into anything physical. So I dressed and left, feeling more than slightly ripped off.

10 review(s) found for xLena linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Yes...agreed...Perfunctory....and I also noticed the sharp teeth....

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