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Author Topic: TOFTT  (Read 879 times)

Offline Neal69

So this morning I decided to TOFTT.

Phoned and booked.

Spent the next couple of hours in a state of anticipation looking at her AW pics thinking I am going to be shagging that soon.

This is all part of the thrill of punting, the anticipation and knowing that even if it is a shit punt I am going to be shagging what looks like a fit young WG soon. I suppose its like the thrill of the chase but knowing that you will catch the prey.

Still enjoying my punting.

I suppose the only thing that could spoil it is if it is a B&S scam.

Review to follow.


Neal, is there a link you would give us ?

Offline Neal69

All in good time SN.

Review will be forthcoming.

This post is just about the thrill of TOFTT


Offline stevedave

I enjoy TOFTT as a rule, and have had a fairly decent success ratio I think. When you get a shit one though, it can put you off for a while.

Hi can you explain  what TOFFT stands for?

Offline cueball

Hi can you explain  what TOFFT stands for?


Take One For The Team

Offline PLeisure

Hi can you explain  what TOFFT stands for?
Almost everything you will think to ask is covered in the Punting Wiki (links at the bottom of every UKP page). There is a glossary, oh yes.
Look: https://www.puntingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary#T  :hi:

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