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Author Topic: Shanghai Dreams, Embankment  (Read 2092 times)

Offline Vectrex

Hello anyone been to this place?


Is it good?

Are the girls as depicted on the website? The girl called Linda looks particularly cute!

I am interested in the B2B but is HR included in the £100 price?

Are any extras available? OWO or FS? How much?

I see that they have other services available such as "GF Fancy Date" whatever that mean?!  also offer escort service?
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Offline zapatx

This is the one place for sensual massages in London that I have visited repeatedly.

Linda is even cuter in person and provides a, for me, perfect sensual time including a great massage. She actually runs the place with Fiona, who manages bookings, and isn't always available. She has some other young chinese girls working for her, who you might like.

B2B is included in the £100. Oral or FS is not on offer at all. Though I always enjoyed my time there and came out the door a relaxed and happy man.  :D

Offline Vectrex

Hmmm I wonder if "Yuki" is Japanese?
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Offline CelticWarrior2

I needed a good laugh today and this site is just the tonic with reviews by Sergei and a service on the menu called "Dinner, Coffee, and GF Fancy Date" which is qualified with "Feeling especially unloved? Why not take out two of us and have twice the fun?" for all you sad losers out there - all for just £200 PH to compound your misery. Sounds like someone's been Shanghaied into giving positive intel on here as there's a place just around the corner called Chinatown where £100 will buy you more than a basic rub 'n tug.  :lol:
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