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Author Topic: Kiev - advice and recommendations please  (Read 509 times)

Hi all,

First, my apologies for taking this liberty and asking for this favour, but I hope some one will help me out.

I am in Kiev for the first time for a few days. 

I am with work colleagues, so my freedom of action is somewhat limited but if I can I would like to take advantage of being here.

I don't have much time to do any research here and only speak English.  It may have to be a spur of the moment thing if I can get away from my colleagues.

Can anyone give me recommendations for an outcall to my hotel, ideally of a specific girl or a decent agency that doesn't charge the earth.  My preferences are middle of the road, 20 something, slim with a good bust etc.

Please PM me if you need to.

Thanks in anticipation

Offline Royd30

Language major problem, many lovely young ones on the streets, never had much luck, other than a massage at rakuena, see website, was a massage with 2 girls, pretty, and happy ending, no sex as believe as was 2 girls they didn't want to in first of each other, try www.gia.la and as trickyd says a few more to look at. Good luck

Offline x69x

Been to Kiev a number of times on business. (This was a few years ago)
Found everything to be very expensive, girls mostly unfriendly, cold and bad attitudes.
My advice would be simply, unless you have to go to Kiev for other reasons as I did, look elsewhere.

I remember a number of hotels, had 'clubs' associated to them, but very expensive and poor service.
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