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Author Topic: How much variety do you like in your punting?  (Read 1237 times)

Offline haystacks79

Over the last month I've seen people mention that "punting is about variety" several times, and that's obviously true for some, but maybe not all. Thought it might be interesting to have a poll to see what pattern we have across the forum. And yes, I'm sure it's been done before (though I couldn't immediately find one), but things change over time.

Options won't be fully inclusive, so pick whichever you think is closest to what you do.

Offline haystacks79

Personally, I'm sticking with just a couple at the moment, as it takes me a while to relax with someone and I can't enjoy myself until I'm relaxed - returning to someone I already know means that this doesn't take so long, and I also know exactly what I can expect. Have found things get better when they're more relaxed as well.

Not ruling out seeing someone else though, if the right one came along.

Offline Lurtz

Selecting a girl for sex is like selecting food in a restaurant; I peruse the menu, see what makes me salivate, then order. I rarely have the same dish twice.

Offline smiths

My ideal is a mixture of newbies to me and regulars with regulars as my plan B option if a plan A newbie to me goes tits up. With a regular punts can get better in my experiences as WGs get to know what makes me tick sexually and exactly how i like things. However sooner or later i always get bored. And the thrill of locating a gem is always good. This is for my 121 punting. Party wise i have been to the same providers around 350 times in all between them, often they have new WGs i have never punted with before as well as WGs i have punted with maybe 50 times.

A good punting mate of mine only punts with his regular as to him she offers him all he requires time after time.

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Offline SteveNova

I've chosen the middle way - some variety, alternating between new and known.  As can be seen from my reviews, I visit one in-call venue only and, rather than always see one girl repeatedly, I have sought out new girls as well as revisiting favourites.  To me this is the best of both worlds - and there is sufficient choice there for me to satisfy the need for variety.  I do like seeing girls I've seen before but sometimes it depends on the girls availability as well as mine, as to who I see.

Offline ncarter

I like a wide range of different options, however if I find a girl I have a good time with, then I keep a note of their details in case of a bad run of luck. To me if I wanted a long term arrangement, I would get a 'ball and chain' as it were.

i ticked some variety although at the moment its bugger all punts as i seem to be on a bad patch as far as girls are concerend

Offline Ali Katt

I opted for as much variety as possible. I am willing to see a WG more than once if they are good enough and can satisfy me, most don't  :(

Offline James999

i ticked some variety although at the moment its bugger all punts as i seem to be on a bad patch as far as girls are concerend

I sent you a link to a genuine  cutie a few weeks ago, she would have cleared up the bad patch  :hi:

Offline NIK

I sent you a link to a genuine  cutie a few weeks ago, she would have cleared up the bad patch  :hi:

I do like a variety of services. Amy in Paddington, a long standing regular, is extremly versatile in this respect. So it isn't always about different women.  :cool:

Tony Montana

I used to punt for variety and tried to see a different girl every time, a black girl, an asian, a 2-girl, an older girl, an 18 year old, a petite brunette with big boobs, a tall blonde, a party etc.  It was very rare to see someone more than once because on the occasions I did, the 2nd and 3rd punts were never as good.

Then I met someone who ticked every box so I saw her for about 2/3rds of all my punts, as I knew I would always have a great time with her rather than risking £100 on an unknown.

Offline Nemo

I certainly like ethnic variety and sometimes go outside my preferred age range. I also make occasional forays outside my physical preferences. I'm pretty vanilla, so what goes on doesn't change much, though I intersperse real punts with erotic massage.

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