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Author Topic: Puntng is good for you wellbeing  (Read 571 times)

Offline Neal69

Its opportunity that governs my punting more than any other factor.

Now I have been having a Shit week at work with all the things that piss me off about my normally enjoyable job happening one after the other. Also I have been getting really tired by the hours I have been putting in. This has led to me being a lot more grumpy than the usual happy go lucky persona that I have. 

Anyway opportunity presented itself today and off I toddled to see my most punted WG who I suppose has now become my regular.

Well fuck me after spending a very enjoyable hour with my little bombshell I am back on top form.

I was spotted a little while ago by a fellow UKP member leaving a "certain address" and was described as " having a spring in my step" Well yes even getting stuck in rush hour traffic that I am able to usually avoid did not put a dampener on my mood. You know when driving becomes a chore but today it was most enjoyable despite the traffic.

A couple of pints and a read of UKP after a good shag and I am still buzzing.

I wonder if the NHS would prescribe a good WG as a mood changer. Its got to be cheaper than anti depressants.  :wacko:


What a good idea. NHS funded punting.
Although i do wondered how the N.I.C.E guidelines would read for that idea.

Offline Sonny Crockett

Banning reason: Troll

Punted while feeling down plenty of times,rarely seems to work for me.Just makes things worse.Sometimes just better to spend a couple of hours on Xhamster,have a good long hot bath and a good nights sleep.

Offline uutarn

I'm usually happy as soon as i leave work. I learned years ago not to take your work home with you, not matter how demanding it is.
As soon as that door is closed, its happy fun time.  :drinks:

So, it doesn't really matter to me but i will never punt when i'm feeling down, don't want the chance of pushing my melancholy on anyone else.
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Offline webpunter

A top observation by the OP.  A good draining by the chosen WG puts me in a good mood & floating around in a happy place.  Endorphins at the plenty.  So when there's the usual life shite to deal with for a while this brushes over me.  Nothing like thinking of having a glorious tit-wank by some fit EE / OWO & the odd CIM.  Risk factors on the latter two analyzed & the box ticked as OK
If this logic doesn't figure with fellow UKP'ers then think of the mindset when you are gagging for a punt yet can't complete for whatever reason.  Do you feel better or worse ?  Well other than the enjoyment of planning / preparation for the next punt.  And of course being on UKP !

Offline Neal69

Don't get me wrong guys I really have a most enjoyable job that usually makes me feel good about myself and feel lucky to be able to do what I do and get paid pretty well for doing it.

Its just that even said the above there are always things that piss you off about any job.

Imagine being paid for having sex. Well I am sure there are somethings that will piss you off about even that ie shagging a smelly old munter.

I just wanted to throw a little joy on our shared hobby and say just how much a good punt today lifted my mood.

Lots of folk seem to have a downer on our hobby. Well If I had a hobby that was not fulfilling my expectations I would stop doing that hobby.

Happy Punting cos when its good its REAALLY Good.  :dance: :yahoo: :dance:

IMHO of course.... :blush:


Offline Neal69

Thanks webpunter.

My feelings precisely.


Offline webpunter

Thanks webpunter.
My feelings precisely.
You are welcome  :hi:  I reck its like an itch that needs to be scratched - when you feel the sap rising
Also planning is all part of the fun.  Especially when researching on UKP.  Do i stick to a safe / known reg / semi-reg or go off piste ?  Not as much fun as the main event but part of the journey

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