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Author Topic: who's good in ilford ?  (Read 1728 times)

Offline brownie

anyone have any suggestions ?

https://www.adultwork.com/1745927 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jannine

She was amazing looking.... Best tits I've seen for a long long time and gave a decent service... English is pretty good to.. Unfortunately she raised her half hours price from 50 to 70 last week which is a Bugger

Offline mh

Unfortunately she raised her half hours price from 50 to 70 last week which is a Bugger

Profile says £60 for half an hour...

She must have out it down a tenner again today as I only looked this morning...

Obviously been ab quiet day for her so lowered them

Has anyone actually contacted her successfully? I can't get through. And when I do, the maid has hung up on me, then stopped answering altogether.

I know the girl is for real, as I have seen her in the flesh when she was in Marble Arch and i punted her friend. But since moving to wherever she is now, she's proving impossible to book.

Edit: just re-read Richards reply, sorry. Rich if you could elaborate a bit I would be grateful. Where abouts is she located? Im using the tube for punts. Also, what was on offer? Owo, fk? Anything negative? Thanks.
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Offline MrChen

I would also be grateful for more info please. I have tried many times to contact her with no success via phone and AW email.

Offline D_smith24

Same here, never answers the phone!
Rich more detailed info please  :drinks: :thumbsup:

Offline essexbwoy

I've considered her on occasions but never tried to contact her myself. I have noticed she's 'green' (available) on AW a lot recently though.

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