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Author Topic: !!! Anyone met romanian WG in LonDon? !!!  (Read 1255 times)

Offline B.Safe

I realy enjoy the romanian girls, specially because some of them they talk dirty and excites me :). But so far I met only 3 of them. There are many but they pretend to be spanish or italians so is very hard to find them on AW.

Can you recommend one?

Thank you  :P
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Not many about. Desperately trying to find slim size 8 with long black hair myself. My regular is starting to "be nice I love you"

Offline Jerboa

Simple, if she says she's Spanish or Italian, then a very good chance she's Romanian, ask her if Italy is a Provence of Romania. :)

Offline B.Safe


You are very right :)

Most of the girls which says are italian or spanish they are romanians.


Yes, Loren https://www.adultwork.com/1702409 is Romanian, I saw her last November. She was good and has good feedback.

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Offline yumyum3

I've been with Loren and she's Hungarian

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