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Author Topic: Sophie - Goodge Street  (Read 2188 times)

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This was a walk in Chinese massage place on Goodge Street - HMN health.  Prices are fairly standard for such places and I paid £50 for an hour massage - this is just for the massage.

I often avoid these places but the lady behind the desk was genuinely smoking hot. I'd say about 20, really pretty face, a great pair and wearing a short skirt which gave me hope for what might be on offer.

Massage itself was good, a proper massage. Half way through I turn over and we have a discussion about extras which ends a deal on full service. What followed was half an hour of unleashed passion built up over the previous half an hour. No holes barred, kissing, oral both ways (covered), sex and anal (kick started by Sophie) finishing with a body shot.

One of my top punts ever.  Genuinely the best looking working girl I've ever been with, and who was dead into it.  Can't get better than that.

Umm ... Price ... I paid heavily for this.  £160 in the room on top of the massage fee.  That's huge for what I usually pay, but really worth every penny in this case. This is a punt that will live long in the memory.

What a find. I'll be back. 

Offline sweetas



Any more details about Sophie? Days she works, Body & bra size etc

Banning reason: Excessive abuse

So £50 for 30 minutes massage and £160 for a 30 shag!  :scare:

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