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Author Topic: LaRis, Stoke on Trent  (Read 1407 times)

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Offline Roger De Her

https://www.adultwork.com/3106298 or https://www.adultwork.com/LaRis%2E

So, there I was bored out my skull on the M6 in ANOTHER , nose-to-tail snails pace traffic jam, and what better pasttime than to check out the local talent? 4 miles off the constipated highway, on the edge of Stoke I found this little lass.  A quick surf revealed reasonably good AW feedback (inc 2 F/Rs) and a bit of a mix on here, but generally favourable.  .....and I had the Horn!

Now I come from the home of RBOS .......NO, NO, nothing to do with the architects of our Banking Crisis, I mean "Racist Bigots of Scotland" - and I have learned that if a Romanian Lass has more than a couple of feedbacks on AW, or on this Site,  then there's probably a pretty positive performance to procure. Gamble worth taking!

So, quick call, location identified, and easily reachable by dual carriageways in minutes, plus BIG shopping centre just beside, so parking a piece o piss! Also, got a fast "freshen-up" in BHS Store Cafe Toilet, and plenty Eaterie Options here to explain my stop-off presence!!

Cross the main road, another Txt, and I'm at her door!  Communications, directions etc,  NO PROBLEM!

OK - She meets me at the door, attractive Sz 8 ish young Romanian Girl. Id say, IS the girl in the pictures and her English seems perfectly acceptable to me.  Believe her age, and pretty enough (tho a spot of Clearasil may help). Said she did kiss (not deep French) and did a little to warm me up.

Pd£60 h/h, and had already cleared. Owo/69/kissing(no DT) available. Didn't ask about shower etc as had just patronised BHS.

Performance - yes,  she gave me owo, but it was only on the head of my shaft/foreskin, and used her hands a LOT of the time. She used spit, and kept me well lubed this way, but TBH,  used more hands than I'd have chosen.

She was happy to receive oral, and didn't complain about fingers - got pretty wet and moist, = Turned On, but, didn't cum unfortunately:!!!

Ultimately ( although she offered the Condom & Sex option,), She had me on a roll, and I was feeling her own body getting closer by the minute, so I persevered, but never managed to finish her.  She DID however clear me off admirably with CIM. ( no swallow ) and hand/mouth action.

Overall, a good quick, slick, wham-bam-thankyou-mam service, jus what I needed.


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3 review(s) found for The.Best.Ex linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Ming

Nice review, thanks for the tip, one for HL possibilities when up that way  :drinks:

Ming  :hi:

Offline stokiemike

LaRis is very sexy - I've seen her a couple of times. Nice sexy body - a little on the petite side, but a gorgeous ass, sexy legs and lovely pert tits. Usually dressed up in heels, stockings and sexy lingerie, unlike some Romanian girls.

I enjoyed her owo, she will French kiss for extra, and she is a great shag. Love it when she does cowgirl.....

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