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Author Topic: Best escort for amazon position  (Read 916 times)

Offline Eggbert

Can anyone recommend an escort who offers incalls (up to £150 an hour) that is particularly skilled in the amazon position?

Offline d00fer

Any other criteria? Anyone you've seen who was good, or not so good at this position?

Offline handyandy

So you have to bend you're dick backwards to do this position?

Could be uncomfortable, could be painful, could be a right laugh, yeah gotta give it a go right?
Banning reason: Slagging off UKP members on another site

I learn a new thing every day  :)

 I assumed it was when you ordered  shag online and it turned up a couple of days later.  :D

Fuck that shit! That's a banjo string ready to snap position!  :scare:

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