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Author Topic: Anne-Mary Windsor and the costly reverse booking  (Read 1250 times)

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Offline oraw

I must be missing something? Just had a booking with Anne-Mary she had kindly bid on a reverse booking.  It was quite clearly for 2 hours, and I clarified this in my texts. I also checked that the time was to include a'levels, well if we got round to it.  You know where this is going.  Having turned up, gone on about the weather being so nice (constantly, in the same way, very odd), gone on about her phone, gone out to meet her in the carpark, back to the room to sort out paper work, back out to the carpark for her to pass the money over to her "taxi" driver, back to the hotel room, quick chat, in to the bathroom to freshen herself up, then off with clothes.  Well, sort of, as Anne-Mary said she gets cold feet and insisted on keeping her socks on.  All whilst being quite sweet, but going on about her phone and the weather!  After some protected oral, and reverse oral, got intimate.  Having not had sex for a few months now I probably only lasted 35 mins when I popped (and that included her answering her phone, and finding that it was broken, and how she was "a nightmare with phones"!!!!!).  At this point I went to the bathroom to freshen up, with the intention of resuming the rest of our session, only for Anne-Mary to be there getting her clothes back on? Oh and whilst phoning her "taxi"!  She obviously saw I was a little disgruntled, and said "oh you're so sweet, are you all right?"  I said that I had thought this was a 2 hour booking, and "to be vulgar" that was what I had paid for.  She informed me that she normally works by the hour and "you know", which I took for once you cum, all over.  Again I looked at her quizzically, which elicited the response, "do you want me to phone the taxi and get him to wait while I sit with you and keep you company for a bit".  I felt like saying "no, just give me my F@*£$ing money back", but that could all turn nasty, and I don't want that.  All in all, this girl had been in my company for 50 minutes, and that includes all the messing.

Gentlemen, I would suggest avoiding this girl.  There is also the slight issue that the photo's of her are from some time ago I would suggest.  If I am wrong, I apologise, she may have been unwell?


I would also appreciate any advice if I am going to continue with this process, punting, that is.  I had followed the suggestions on here, but I must have "MUG" written on my bloody forehead.
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1 review(s) found for MARY ANNE xXx linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

What a scanky bitch,  the whole profile reminds me of my april may experience


Was it all text messages on the way, suspect it is the pimp i saw park at the bottom of my road organising it all.

Thanks for the warning and welcome here


Offline Ming

Firstly welcome  :hi:

This is a sad but common enough story. You didn't have mug stamped on your forehead, but she saw that you are naive / inexperienced and she took advantage.

If you don't mind I will make some observations which I hope will be of help for the future.

The profile is 2 years old and there is only a little AW feedback, which is mostly old and erratic, an experienced punter would be casting doubt on this profile just for these reasons. The pictures are not very good and don't give a clear idea of who the woman is.

In future I would suggest that you look at the reviews on this site and employ the services of one or two of the well reviewed girls, that way you will gain confidence.

Additionally, if you are looking at a girls profile use the search facility on this site using the girls 7 digit AW number, if nothing comes up then post a question asking, you'll find we're mostly a friendly bunch although we can take the piss as part of the banter of the site.

Hope you have a better one next time and thanks for the warning about this bint.

Ming  :hi:

Offline bod666

Sorry you had a shit time. I was tempted by her but a combination of the way the profile is written and the photos in the private gallery had my spider sense tingling. I also can't be doing with 20yo English girls.

Thanks for toftt and saving me from wasting my money on her. Not much consolation I know.

If you feel like trying again try Ella Kitty - great vfm for an outcall and makes sure you have a good time.


Aprill may = ann mary windsor, I reckon

Possibly, to many similarites

Was she a dog brummie prossie type prossie

An extract from my review

What was the reality ?

Well double the 19 and add a bit more so 40 ish year old Brummie dog arrived with her pimp in a BMW parked in-discretely round the corner. So put me on edge though I'm going to get robbed in daylight but she come in and silliness took over, I answered the door If he wasn't parked so close would have told to piss off. 

oraw does that describe who you met ?

Offline bod666

That picture you posted is from the Anne Mary Windsor profile. Was it also used on the dog rough brummie one too?

AMW private gallery has pictures of her pissing in a car park - another thing that put me off!

They are all photos of a young attractive brunette girl - I wouldn't say she looks like a 40yo brummie (unless the pics are 20 years old).

Wish I'd save the private pics now so I could have used the new attach image functionality  :dash:

Offline MarkR

She has bid on my reverse booking...think that will be a no!

Offline oraw

Thanks guys for the feedback.  I don't think the other profile is linked, but there are similarities.  In the profile pics she looks 20, in real life I would say much older.  Like I said though, she may have been unwell  :crazy:

Just avoid...wish I had.

She has bid on my reverse booking...think that will be a no!

See 1 review yesterday saves a punter today  a member 1 year and first post saves someone

oraw as restored my faith in those we call lurkers.

Did the business when it mattered !

Offline oraw

Bod666, any other details on Ella Kitty?

Offline Dick50

The caption under her free gallery picture reads `BET INTO BED WITH ME XXX` looks like did!.. :thumbsdown:


Thnaks for your first review Oraw.  Much appreciated.  :thumbsup:

I must say for a girl whose profile is 2 years old her (free) photos are sparse to say the least, as is her AW feedback count.

Better luck next time.

Cheers!  :drinks:

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