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Author Topic: Allana (or Arianna?) LSS Edinburgh  (Read 881 times)

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Romanian, 22, tall, skinny, very good looking imo, didn't talk to me in the lounge... all the signs were there, so I only had myself to blame for this totally crap punt.

No chat, no enthusiasm, no effort. Unsurprisingly, then, it was covered oral, delivered in a perfunctory way with frequent changes to handjob. So far she might have scraped a neutral review -- in fact I suspect some would say this is 'at standard' service at LSS these days, although personally I think there are some good performers there (eg Vanessa, Jackie).

However, when it came to sex time she said no to doggy, which is ridiculous. ("I am small inside.") Poked about a bit in mish but John Jr was heading south by that point, so I asked where I could come. Nowhere: not tits, arse, body, nothing. So I ended up paying £55 to have a wank while looking at an attractive girl rub her pussy a bit.

At least it wasn't £75: when I got upstairs Michelle asked me if everything was OK and I answered honestly. She immediately gave me a free 1/2hr next time, which I thought was fair enough.

10 years ago I used to have 'sauna trauma' in LSS, trying to decide between three or four very hot girls, all of whom I knew would show me a great time. I still think it's an OK place, but not somewhere to take a gamble.

Don't think its allana as she is verging on the fat, ive got my eye on her, and she is flirty in the lounge, wants picked, well done for complaining.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out. During the proceedings I actually asked her again what her name was, thinking, "So I can put the right name on your negative review." It's Arianna, then, or something very similar, and I hope the description will be enough for others to identify and avoid.

Yeah it's Arianna for sure, had the worst punt yesterday with her. LSS has gone to the dogs.

Hi, yeah, I saw your review. It's definitely Arianna. It's a shame, as she's a very sexy girl. But being a hooker and being a model are two different things.

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