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Author Topic: lasting longer  (Read 528 times)

Offline homeland

its a age thing i hope any advice for gell or tablet wich is best and were from and how   

Age thing ? Erection problem because of old age or popping quickly because of young age ?

If you pop quickly best cure is to have loads of sex. It's nice to give back some pleasure even if you're seeing wgs but it's not worth stressing over or desensitizing yourself with gels.
If you pop before you put it in or after 1 or 2 thrusts ask your GP.

Offline stevedave

Get some sildenafil or Viagra (same shit, different names). They'll keep you hard for ages. However, I've found that they sometimes can lead to not being able to cum, especially the second time if you like to go twice in a punt.

I tend to manage it eventually, but the second one can take a while.

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