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Author Topic: And someone was looking for a big BUTT...  (Read 1040 times)

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Offline ickydicky

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Offline Andy1967

£300 she can shove that up her butt

Offline AVGscot

Would love to give her a go but prices are a bit steep for me

Offline mavgoose

I wouldn't pay 100 for half an hour. Never mind double that.
Still, these girls must have plenty of takers, as there obviously are people willing to pay it.

Good luck to those guys. It's their choice.

Offline Burnside

She looks like the ideal punt, but at those prices I'll be giving her a miss. :cry:
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Offline Burnside

There's plenty of videos of her on porn hub as well. :dance:
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Offline Burnside

Earlier on today my brains were in my trousers probably due to this warm weather i then contacted her about a possible meet next week, and this is the email i received later on. :angry:
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Date:   20/04/2016 16.38
From:   emmabutt (415) Profile Notes
Drag phone no. here
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Subject:   Re: Glasgow


Many thanks for your booking enquiry im free both days at that time in order to proceed with an appointment i will require a booking request with name number date time and duration on and a deposit to secure your time slot with me

i will require a £50 deposit paid into my paypal account
(emma_butt@sky.com)or direct in to my bank account either by online transfer or cash in branch Barclays:
name..Miss El butt sort... 20-20-65 account....20-26-71-20

please add your name as reference along with the word ebay so i can allocate that payment to your booking,
please message me once done so i can check and confirm that the deposit has arrived.
i will then confirm your booking request.The deposit is deducted from the total booking cost on arrival.

Also all details of address will be given to you on the morning of our booking.

look forward to meeting you
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Offline DG

I've seen her on BS etc and always thought she was a bit of a dog, and her fake tits are horrendous. Her prices are outrageous and all that booking process and deposit is ridiculous. In case there's any doubt, I will not be seeking a booking with her  :dash:
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Offline Argento79

No danger.  A combo of price and heavily airbrushed pictures = no thanks.

Offline Burnside

I was tempted to treat myself for this punt, but after that email she can forget it. :thumbsdown:
I do fancy seeing a porn star, and the only others i have seen that work in Scotland are Ashley Ryder, and Lexi Ryder.
The reviews are on Lexi are far better than those of Ashley, so might wait till she next tours in Glasgow.
As that's out of the way, and not a realistic option time for Frank to go Czech granny pumping. :timeout:
Banning reason: Previously banned (the good 1) aka Jamie Eldridge

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