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Author Topic: punting lessons learned  (Read 1559 times)

Offline freeze44

In a few months I will have my punting 1 year anniversary! Cake all round! (Or should that be cunt??) :D

Been reflecting on some of the lessons and so have listed a few as below:

1) Being fluffy and EAS need to be guarded against. My experience not made me harder just more realistic.

2) UKP is the ONLY site that sticks up for punters and has no hidden agenda and be prepared to be challenged etc but have met some interesting, funny and helpful people who put up with new twats often fucking up like me...and the odd weirdo but these don't seem to last long.

3) Punters are a diverse range of people and taste in WG's is highly subjective and my 'obvious' tastes are changing slowly but surely.

4) AW is ok as a starting point but full of shite reviews and feedback.

5) UKP reviews are mostly reliable and the experienced on here will sniff out bullshite very quickly and it pays to follow advice.

6) Be upfront and straight with WG's when arranging a meet and what you want etc. If no response or agreement move on as lots of choice out there.

7) Price a WG charges is subjective and not mean your getting the best if charge more.

8) WG's that slate UKP (some even on their AW profile) know that the informed punter wont accept a shite service and will inform others....like any other type of review site...what's the problem??! If I want a vacuum cleaner I expect to know about suction power and will look for reviews! Not walked from a punt yet but am ready too if need.

9) As a punter my tastes have changed and am clearer about what I like and the next GF better watch out as think have learned a bit about women too!  :lol:

10) UKP is the only site of it's type I have ever stuck with (thanks to those that run, moderate and contribute) and has excellent helpful info, off topic debate, challenge and is fucking hilarious at times!

Be interested to hear about others journey and views etc.  :hi:

Out of curiosity (and also having come to a similar mindset) where would you move into after AW? Yes there are a load of fake profiles but I'm not sure vivastreet is as good a search tool?

I start out with AW then come here to view reviews I can actually trust. Not sure if that's what freeze44 meant.

Saying that, lately I just look through the recent postive reviews on here instead of actually searching on AW.

Offline seward

OP well put thread I think you've summed up the thoughts and feelings of a lot of punters, don't think anybody can argue with your conclusions, very well expressed and congratulations on your first year, may you have many more with this hobby :drinks:

OP thank you.

Being a noob on this site (having being asked by WG, who has been seriously slated here "Have you looked at escort review sites?") my interest was piqued.

Too be fair to her - I thoroughly enjoyed the punt and she did not seem bitter about UKP.

In the last week I have made all the fundamental mistakes .e.g
1. "WhaaatDeFuck! I am not one of those misogynistic, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals on UKP"
2. What is this Saafe stuff - "oh good, I can learn how to be nicer bloke"
The last week has been a traumatic experience and I was about  to introduce myself with a virginal post starting with
"Forgive me Father for I have sinned"

and then wailing-on about how life is so unfair etc....
Which would have just elicited more deep sighs and "oh  not another one"

Thankfully as I had a little time on my hands (and put a halt on my boneheaded, blithering, amateur punting), I have been poring over posts like yours
so I can venture out into the wilds and up my success rate.

Previously I had relied on AW feedback and those damn field reports, which leave me in sheer admiration, cynicism or........
desperately searching for a short piece of rope and a tall tree.

As I fall somewhere between the last 2 stages of:
3 Stages of man : Tri-weekly, try weekly, try weakly

My only solution to try and emulate those feats would have been a KFC family bucket of blue pills, portable heart-lung machine...

The effects of copious amounts of strong liquor are starting to have the effect of numbing the senses so I can recount my pre-UKP year(YUP a whole year!)
in the form of reviews in the regional forum.

Offline mh

OP thank you.

Being a noob on this site (having being asked by WG, who has been seriously slated here "Have you looked at escort review sites?") my interest was piqued.

Looking forward to your first review on this girl.

Offline handgun71

Theirs nowt stranger than folk

What an adage. Well i'm new to site not sure when it started though don't remember seeing it before.

I started punting 25 years ago in my teens went to a massage parlour at the top end of derby city centre went in with a blag that i was arranging a stag do and had been tasked with checking out locations, so got a bit of a vip treatment from the manager and massage and hand job for £15, that's what they offered, i didn't even know about extras cant remember the name of the place, msy hsve been St trinians though when they gave pound coins in change they had stickered some advertising around the side of the coin, a touch risky.

Was quite a few years before i punted again, regular gf though something went tick and i started again, i have visited parlours in london, milton keynes (madam beckys was well worth a visit in its day) and also some notable punts in derby.

I have picked up working girls on the streets, their can be some real gems if you are willing to be patient, new girls and occasionals yep just beware of the crackheads and be very wary of age. Hence only for the risk takers, tbf any wg is the same all a risk in some way. though i have had very  few bad experiences.  One complete bait and switch 18 yo to a 35+ real rough beaten sad case of a woman; complete with friend who had a picture of her before the crack years (just to lay on the guilt) and a black pimp also strung out and armed with a baseball bat, cost me £30, & that was an advert in the local rag.

So lessons learned.

Be very carefull dodgy business this letting our cocks do the thinking - one me still learning tbf
Hey take the gamble have a go - i think that a big part if this malarky anyway least for me
one memorable punt was a gal on aw who lived in loughboro sketchy profile no face pics little content, yet one of the best punts i have had, went for the hour spent 2 in fact she was in no rush for me to leave we genuinely appeared to click, shame i never went back tsk tsk.

Hope fully i can be a positive contributor, i obviously enjoy the whole punting thing even though it did land me in major poo, but like most things it was more me and the timing than the punting itself.

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Offline handgun71

Wont let me edit but just to show - holly was a streetwalker in derby £20 4 a good sesh, she was also on aw for £100 per hr or something like that

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