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Author Topic: daniela fuckslut - seems similar to Cutest Lucy with services and price  (Read 2170 times)

Online aj12345

I had posted this in the south east England forum but noticed she's in London a lot these days so thought it may be worth reposting here.

Wondering if anyone had seen her. Looks good and seems to similar services to the popular Cutest Lucy.


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She looks interesting I agree.
Will either of us toftt as it seems no one has anything to report  :unknown:

Online aj12345

I'm tempted to but she's not going to be a cheap one to TOFTT

Agreed but if she's a minger walk and be sure to have a plan B.

Online aj12345

I'm more concerned about getting half way through and she starts saying "I don't do this, I don't do that"

You say she's in London "a lot". How regularly and what part of London. I don't think she has ever shown up on my searches and given that she ticks all the boxes I can't imagine why. I have hotlisted her and will keep an eye out. Since I'm only in London once a month at most (work meetings) I shall have to hope our calendars align.

Offline Wheelz77

I'm more concerned about getting half way through and she starts saying "I don't do this, I don't do that"

I'd be more worried about this quote from her interview.....

What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!) - Well swallowing 5 mens cum is pretty outrageous but on another occasion I did three guys at a mens club and all three holes were filled with a lot of cum. I was dripping wet for the rest of the day as it slowly oozed out of my holes. 

Barebacking 3 guys in a mens club  :scare:

There's no mention of BB on her profile but I think i'd pass on this one.

Online aj12345

Hmm good shout. Maybe give her a miss then

Offline che_666999

Had a peek at her Pvt gallery, don't waste your money as it la more or less the same pics as her blogs. No face pics

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