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Author Topic: Think I will have 2 half hours !  (Read 887 times)


So your not good at maths ? Nice arse but I get a wiff of Romanian.

I think some of her arse has been injected into her lips    :D
I think your right as well ,  an EE more than likely

Anyone tried to contact her and got an answer back?

Think you might be right about the EE bit.

I have messaged her , still not been read.

Offline Mansell

Consett is an odd place for an EE girl though ?

Got to laugh at the rates  :lol:

Consett has a large Polish/EE community.

Offline Mansell

Consett has a large Polish/EE community.

Didn't know that, maybe that's who she is there for ?

Obviously a scam, now in Walsall offering BB and changed her prices.

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