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Author Topic: Summer @ Jin Yan Tang - Brighton & Hove  (Read 1428 times)

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Offline Arley Hall


GIRL 5/10  Short, 40-ish, average-looking Chinese woman with fairly large breasts but not much of a figure otherwise. Summer was friendly and welcoming with a rudimentary, but adequate, command of English.

PUNT 8/10  I paid £80 in total for a 1 hour full body sensual massage, with body-to-body and a happy ending. (£40 to reception + £40 to the masseuse.) I'm no connoisseur, but I'd describe this as a proper firm massage. Summer started off with hot stones on my back, which I'd never had before. They seemed alarmingly hot at first, but I soon got used to them and they did, indeed, feel as if they were dissolving knots of tension. After the stones there was a conventional back massage with occasional touching and stroking between my arse and balls - or 'CC swipes' as massage enthusiasts call them. (I always find these very arousing and wish the masseuse would persist a bit longer with them.) After about 30 minutes on my front Summer asked me whether I wanted extras. I already knew that the going rate was £40 for B2B + HE, so I reached for the cash that I had secreted under my clothes. Summer stopped me, however, saying that she was happy to wait until the end of the session. She took her top and bra off for the B2B, but kept her tights on. This doesn't sound great, but I found it surprisingly arousing fondling her bum through the nylon and playing with her tits at the same time. After probably about 5 minutes of this she moved on to an expertly executed oily handjob, resulting in an ecstatic climax. During the remaining time she massaged my front, giving a lot of attention to my face, head and scalp. If she'd given me a choice I would probably have asked for the happy ending at ..... well ..... the end, but getting it two thirds of the way through followed by further massage was actually a very relaxing experience.

OTHER STUFF  Jin Yan Tang is a Chinese massage shop on a busy street in Hove, so it's not exactly discreet. In fact another guy walked in straight after me and was standing right behind me as I paid the receptionist. (I didn't look round!) To be honest though it didn't bother me that much. I live in a smallish place in the sticks and hardly know anybody in Brighton. The massage room was perfectly clean and fit for purpose, though rather small. I didn't have a shower, so can't comment on that. Two hours' free parking is available at the Tesco store opposite. Various girls work here so it's probably pot-luck who you actually get.

VERDICT  Positive. Obviously FBSMs and FS encounters have to be judged by different criteria. It's nice if a masseuse is young and pretty, but excellent skills can compensate for shortcomings in the looks department. Summer gave me a professional massage and a solid hour of sensual pleasure, so I have absolutely no complaints.
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