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Author Topic: The Algarve - Portimao  (Read 522 times)

Offline lpopo


Ive been looking for any good information abt Portugal > The Algarve > Portimao area and am really struggling. Cant even seem to find out the most basic info on what the 'nightlife' is like there let alone any sort of punting tips.

Can anyone furnish me with a bit of info or even link me up in the right direction? Even a strip club would do as am more than capable of finding my own way from there on in

Nice one in advance

Offline CoolTiger

Search using "algarve" on main UKP.

Also look on ISG, and PM a member there called puta(?). I found him very helpful in providing me with info.



Offline lpopo

Thanks. I saw your earlier post (about to pm puta on isg now) and have trawled every avenue i can think of but am still struggling to find any solid info on where to head to in Portimao area in the last 12-18 months either brasshouses or strip clubs.
Shooting for the stars i was hoping for somewhere similar to d'angelos nr alicante or some of the other spanish places.
Any help gratefully received

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