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Author Topic: Where have all the orientals in Berkshire gone......  (Read 611 times)

Now i know there was a major major bust last year and 3-4 oriental parlours in the area which had been running since 2005 up to last year got busted. The strange thing is The madam who was busted as the mastermind a  32 year old chinese woman Id actually fucked her on and off for a long time, as it was a running joke between us, that i came in every week to fuck the girl she had working and when she'd open the door shed smile appreciatvively and one day the girl was busy so she said shed give me a massage for free and she got me to put on a robe and she sat on my back fully clothed in her day to day stuff but chattin on the mobile and when she turned me around my 7.5 inch erect rod couldnt be hidden under the towel and she was interested i think from that day on....anyway long story short b4 she got pregnant and married for a short while when id pop in she would join in my punts and make it a threesome for half price. Anyway since she went down to prison its been hard to find a decent oriental parlour with girls in the right age group 27 to 35...and all u get now is the bad old days of some ugly 40 something misraeble cow who doesnt speak english.

Anyway know of a good chinese (as opposed to thai) parlour in berkshire or west london? thanks

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I've not been there, but this one pops up a fair bit on AW "between Alperton and Hanger Lane".


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