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Author Topic: CutestLucy - Angel/Highbury&Islington - amazing PSE service  (Read 3239 times)

48 review(s) for CutestLucy (41 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline collector

Great review Collector  :drinks:
Thanks for sharing  :hi:
Straight into the HL...  :cool:
You're welcome, glad you liked it :hi:

Offline Ozy84

True about hygiene and rimming. By the sounds of it she must be sucking out a fair amount of shit each day!! One of the regulars should just have a word with  her and explain Smiths point of the disadvantages of becoming a darling.

Offline collector

Quote from the TOFTT review:
Quote from: mf_1101
Ended the session with a discussion about her lack of feedback, I mention UKP and she seemed intrigued, told her how this site worked and she seemed impressed. Well love, you earned this positive so I hope if she is reading, keeps up the good service.
She knows UKP and probably read already the advices.

Quote from the TOFTT review:She knows UKP and probably read already the advices.

Then she needs a good spanking till she pays attention. I will happily volunteer to administer it.

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