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Author Topic: An addict?  (Read 1496 times)

Offline Arley Hall

I agree with this, I have been there and its just like you want to get some sort of pleasure even though you don't really
need it. I have a very addictive nature, and if I enjoy something, I do tend to get into it fairly addictively, think water skiing, snow skiing, sailing, fast motorbikes and cars, I have at one time in my life been addicted to all of them.

I can empathise with this. For me it's about managing boredom and having something to look forward to. Obviously I enjoy sex and pretty girls - but in the past I have managed to find other ways of dealing with boredom.

I think the sanest punters are ones who only punt when they feel a desperate sexual urge to do so. Likewise, sensible people only eat when they are hungry.

Welcome to UKP by the way!
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Offline Monsieur69

I have an addictive personality and have been addicted to alcohol. tobacco, marijuana, food and sex at different times of my life ( in my 60s ). My behaviour has caused me and my family a lot of heartache. At the moment I am only addicted to sex. You know you have a problem when doing the thing does not actually give you any type of buzz. Instead it is temporarily feeding the addiction. As an alcoholic you don't feel any buzz at all from booze. You just have less pain and feel a bit more like everyone else i.e Normal! That's why alcoholics start the day with a drink. The same can be said of tobacco. As soon as you light one up you are thinking of the next one. As far as sex addiction is concerned the best thing to do imo is to reduce the amount of punting and stick to one regular if you can. Part of the addiction is for seeing new women and feeling new flesh each time.
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