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Author Topic: Adele Stephens  (Read 1799 times)

Offline Jinx

Has anybody seen her lately?

Best, Jinx

Online Anadin

Apparently She's been available on Photogirls for Yonks but her rates are more than I spend on punting in a month.

Online george r

I think I would go to £250 per hour but no more for her.

Online george r

looks like she is working today also .

Online dubs

47 years old now.  Maybe 20 years ago I would

If it's genuine then short of getting Charmaine Sinclair, Jo Guest and a whole myriad of 90's glamour models it would be worth the money alone.

However Adele Stephens is one of the most recognisable glamour models of the last 20 years. Why would she go under a different name?

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