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Author Topic: Alessa xxx - Portsmouth  (Read 803 times)

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Just got back, so here's the review.

After seeing her profile a few times and checking out her galleries I decided to try my luck with Alessa. £100 1 hr incall in a nice apartment with paid parking very close (free parking may be in the area, but I don't know it that well).

She came down to meet me and let me in at the apartment building and I was immediately able to see she was the girl in the pictures, casually dressed, same age and shape etc... Greeted me with a friendly smile and took me up to the apartment and once in the room formally introduced herself. Did the paperwork and she popped out to to stash it and get me a glass of water (the heating was on and the air dry). She returned with a glass of water but now in just a satin gown.

We discussed my interests and what we might like to do. I did explain I wanted anal - which is normally in the price, and she said it will depend on size, which is probably true almost anywhere, everyone has a limit! Her profile currently says 'guarantee' but she said she is going to change it because sometimes she just cannot - she tries but its too much but she would agree when she saw my cock. Unfortunately for me I realised I might not be getting that because I am above average (not heroic in proportions, but enough girth to be frequently denied a backstage pass!). However, it is obviously normally on offer as there was a specialist lube for the job on the bedside cabinet... You know, one of those anal desensitiser types with some dreadful pun on the word 'anal' so you don't confuse it with toothpaste or something. :-)

I undressed her as we spoke she has a vivacious character - good humoured. She has nice skin and a couple of very artful tattoos... and then I told her my main reason for wanting to see her was her lovely long pussy lips and that I wanted to suck and lick them.

Sitting in the bed I kissed her nipples and worked my way down to her hips which must have tickled a little and she wanted me out of my clothes too.   She then hopped on the bed presenting her ass and I went straight in for some deep rimming while I stroked he clit which she seemed to like before kissing her buttocks and back She lay down and rolled over and I started on her lovely pussy and she seemed to genuinely enjoy that pulling me in by my hair and grinding against my mouth and tongue. That went on for quite a while and it was very pleasant...  as she stroked my cock with her foot!

...and what follows from there is between us. But it was interesting and the first time a woman has started to dominate me, which I didn't think I would ever want but with her eyes locked on mine... I'd have done anything. I think she likes stretching your boundaries. :-)

After the fun we had a chat about all sorts of stuff, languages, travel etc...  She is a smart girl and very comfortable in her work and willing to please. I spoke about the bad reputation of the Romanians and she was quite scathing of the 'gypsies' and how they steal and cheat and that 'real' Romanians are not like that. I've heard that before from other Romanian girls - to us they are all simply Romanian but to them there is a huge divide. She said she understood how they bait and switch and I said getting a good reputation only really required doing what you promise and making the guy your focus for his time... which she definitely did.

So - pics are true likely and recent and profile likes accurate and apparently some new studio photos are coming soon.  I enjoyed myself, and the minor disappointment about anal was nothing unusual for me... its just a bonus if it happens. Her gorgeous pussy alone is reason enough to go back :-)

5 review(s) found for Alessa xxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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