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Author Topic: Emily Jane - Twickenham  (Read 1957 times)

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I've been seeing Emily for a few years now but my most recent was a) a typical example of a satisying punt and b) Emily firing on all cylinders so I thought I'd post a review.

Emily is the classic example of a young middle-aged lady who still has a tight body. She might be described as Rubenesque, but not really: the ladies in Rubens' paintings are all too flopsy and full of folds and creases - maybe good for a tit-wank, but their bottoms are probably acres of cellulite, not nice. Emily however, while quite thick and curvy is firm and beautifully packed, smooth and delicious, no wobble or wrinkle to her at all.

And when she's on form - which is every time I've seen her - it's a full on experience.

For instance: as soon as I'm in the house (in a quiet terrace off the high street) she's got me in a tight clinch and DFK, tongue in my ear, sexy talk and promise of what's to come. When I broke free to unstickify in the shower, a glance in the mirror showed me with a lipstick clownface (watch out before you go home!)

And then: out of the shower, I'm given a brief but very deep FK, pushed down on the bed and we're straight into vigourous and enthusiastic rimming with pornstar spitting and alternating with DT. Actually I'm not a big fan of the spitting/gagging extremes but Emily will do this if you want.

Emily is very inventive, and changes things around every few minutes: oiling up her tits and rubbing them over your cock, sucking your nipples, pushing a buzzy toy up your arse, squirting lube into the crack of her arse so you can play with her pussy and arsehole (she likes this, including the bowling ball hold). At one point we were both on our elbows and knees, facing top to tail, finger-fucking each other's arse while mutually masturbating. I'd said at the beginning that I wanted her to come during the session, and after some RO and mutual wanking she grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip against her clit until she came, DFKing me the while.

We fucked in a few positions - her bottom is delightful in doggy - and then she wanked me over her tits while I played with her nipples and arse.

Then a very firm and refreshing wind-down massage and goodbyes - but I'll be back!
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4 review(s) found for Emily Jane London linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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She sound like a perfect MILF!

So out of 10 in terms of being adventurous (because it says only CIM at discretion in her profile) would you give her a credible 7/8, higher or lower.

Also, what age would you actually say she is? I have no objections to seeing ladies in their mid forties upwards. Just interested.


Offline jingleballicks

She's mid-forties I think, a lovely milf yes, 8/10 is not an exaggerated score! As to CIM, TBH I can't remember! She has always been a satisfying experience and always impresses with her full-on enthusiasm.

So many punts you come out of slightly disappointed, or feeling that the girl held back a bit or wasn't interested - Emily is not one of them!
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She's in the midlands now?

It's odd that her profile says Mansfield - but last week she was in Twickenham.
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She must be a quick mover then  :unknown:
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