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Author Topic: Gabriella (Brazillian touring escort currently in Edin)  (Read 720 times)

Offline arcton85



Obviously genuine, but the lack of AW feedback is always a risk. Anyone here know if she's good fun or a plank of wood?

PG at £5
I'd think it's prob a scam

Offline arcton85

PG at £5
I'd think it's prob a scam

You reckon? She's verified on both sites. I used a freeview on the PG and there were a bunch of self shot iphone pics. Seems more effort than a lot of PG scams, which also don't usually set the price so high as to deter 99% of viewers. Might have to take one for the team :drinks:

Well good luck to you but a couple of minutes with GRIS throws up escorts with names including Brittany, Gabriella, Nina (the list goes on)
ranging in height from 5' to 5'10"
and located in several different parts of the country (and a few overseas as well).

It might be genuine but I would put money on it being a fake.

Online Ali Katt

Not too surre, she does also work as Nina Fox as mentioned.

Offline arcton85

Well I did it! Went and took a 30 min booking

It's her alright, but I guess the pics are 2-3 years old (unsurprising given our research has shown she's been a touring escort for quite a while) and there are a few moles that have obviously been pshopped out but whatever, she's still fairly hot.

She was in a flat on Leith st (just opposite the Omni centre front entrance) which was reasonably clean. No French Kissing but this seems to be a theme with all the South American girls I've seen, which is a shame. Oral started off, err, semi-covered I guess you would call it. She put a condom on the head but was licking the shaft and balls without. She then asked if she could stick a finger up my ass, which was slightly surprising to say the least. Not something I've ever requested but I'm open to new experiences so I accepted. Wasn't particularly uncomfortable or pleasurable so I guess that gets a shrug from me. Her assertiveness continued during intercourse where she seemed to want to dictate what positions we were in but I've been around enough to know that you just have to tell them what you want and they generally will go along with it, which she did. She was very tight, which is nice, but seemed uncomfortable with deep penetration, which isn't. I don't know if thats due to my size (which is a bit above average I guess, but not substantially so) or something else. Her English was very good which is always a relief with these foreign girls, so there weren't any awkward silences or misunderstandings. Overall there was a mix of good and bad but I doubt she'd get a second visit from me.

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