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Author Topic: Jasmiinee walsall  (Read 922 times)

Offline merlot158

Hi guys, I've been working abroad for a while so I've missed out on our lovely ladies.
I'm hoping to see jaasminee of Walsall this Sunday coming but can't find d a contact number.
Can anyone help with mobile or email contact for her.
Many thanks,

Offline merlot158

I must have been a bit too eager cause I messed up on spelling jaasminee, sorry guys
She's been on my hl for a while so Im hoping someone can help.

Search on here and you will find her or look on AW

Offline merlot158

Hi punterperson,
I have searched both & neither have her contact details so I was asking g for help from fellow punters. I'll have to look elsewhere for tomorrow's pu t
Many thanks.

Offline ScouserRod

Hi Merlot-your problem is the spelling of her name-it is JAASMINEE-if you put this or her a/w number 3482974 into the search box on here (Top right) her Review will appear with a link to her profile (no phone number on it unfortunately ) but you could try and e-mail her via A/W-don't know whether this helps ??

Offline merlot158

Hi scouserod,
I've found her on AW & ukp but no contact details. I'm not a member of AW so I can't email, but thanks for trying.

Offline Villain79

Become a member of aw it's worthwhile when contacting. Jasminneeee responded quite quick to me on there

Offline merlot158

Hi villain79,
I used to be a member until about 4 years ago. I had my account attacked & then used for sorts of things by someone else, AW ignored my requests for help to sort it out so I've not re registered & rarely use it except in cases like this.

She ain't worth seeing in my opinion and to wait days for someone to give you her contact details before moving on to another girl, man she the bottom end of a lousy punt , save yourself 40 notes and have a wank or go see someone else

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