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Author Topic: 40ff english escort  (Read 681 times)

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I would be very wary of this apparently new escort on Viva St, the ad was put on by Busty Leanne milf. I went to her some time ago, before I joined UKP. She had an ad in the Sport as Busty 40ff. I only found out later that it was Leanne when I found it was the same phone number and area.

The last pics of Leanne were definitely not her, and I don't think these are either. I certainly don't remember anything as glamorous as that, and it certainly wasn't a luxury flat either, very basic place. Also she had a young lass working in another room, which is very dodgy legally.

She was a reasonable milf, not great looking but decent at what she did but certainly not worth the money she's asking, maybe £50 for 30mins but no more.

 At least she was British though.
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I noticed it was Leanne and the pics are definitely not the ones she was using last week, nearly went to see her when she first started up...just never got round to it.
 so are you saying she is nothing like the first pics she was using?

Offline Still-alive

 so are you saying she is nothing like the first pics she was using?

Far as I remember the WG in Thornaby, if the Leanne pics were her then they must have been at least 20 years old, especially the face one, but I don't think they were her, and she didn't have any fancy basques or outfits, just some lacy body stocking that she kept on because she said it was hard to get on and off. She wasn't 37, she must have been at least 10 years older than that, and not that good looking, but she was pleasant enough and knew what she was doing on a basic punt. I don't believe the original pics or the ones on now are really her though, looks like she's copied them off websites or something.
Banning reason: Constant attacks on UKP on UKE

To be honest it was her face pic from her first profile that drew me to her, I though she looked good, wouldn't expect someone of that age to use fake or very old pics. This is exactly why the reviews on here are invaluable.

she was never really on HL of mine, but never will be now

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