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Author Topic: Rub n Tug Rutherglen  (Read 1415 times)

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Offline auldie63

Had a stirring this evening and nowadays with me it’s catch it when you can. My go to was booked solid so decided to have a bit of excitement and jumped onto Viva St. Was just looking for a rub n’ tug so saw this.


Phone answered right away, fairly good English didn’t sound EE more sort of latin, right name Kara, enquired just what was on offer, it’s B2B with HJ or BJ covered, £60hh/£80h, canny figure that, who the fuck wants a wank when you can get a BJ for the same price?  So booking made.
Address sent right away, OK district in Rutherglen. At that point I am wary as she appears to not have a lot of business. Needn’t have worried she is just new here. Get there, acres of parking, I txt and she calls me back with flat details.
No face pics on ad but that is the body that answers the door in a one piece kinda tube thing and I have seen a lot worse face wise, in her 20s I think, in fact we had a laugh about me being her oldest punter and old enough to be at least her grandfather. I think she’s plenty pretty, has a nice nature and we have a wee chat about what will transpire and I pay. She leaves the room, but returns B4 I am stripped and assists me then strips herself. To be honest don’t go there for the massage, but lots of touching both ways with no areas off limits and a very good oral finish, OW but still one of the best recently. It was more a roll about the bed and a cuddle than a massage, how I managed to last nearly an hour I don’t know. Showed me the bathroom when I went in which was perfect with big towels and shower available pre and post.
I had a great fun time and will probably be back, but she said she might not be here long. I know some of you worry about other people being in the flat, but there is no sign of anyone but her.
All in all she is a very nice girl and vfm for me.

Offline DG

Nice review; not really my thing but if that's her in the pics, then good choice.
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Offline auldie63

Aye fair enough. And as you cannot see the face I suppose it may not be her in the pics but she has a body just as tight as that and a great set of tits.
Main reason I posted is there seem to more and more guys coming on here who go for this, judging by the length of the thread on it and the number of PMs I have got on it asking for names etc. since I posted about 1 or 2 that I had seen.
And if you post the odd review it keeps the keyboard warrior hunters quiet eh?
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Offline pete-piper

Nice review auldie, cheers.

I enjoy a Rub & Tug but at those prices a full service would be on offer in other places.

She does look good though and she will probably say you are 'paying for my time'

Offline ickydicky

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Offline auldie63

There a 2nd profile also, is this her Auldie ?

No not that face pic. Also that one seems to be for full service and higher prices.
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