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Author Topic: Carmell of pink ladies  (Read 1055 times)

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Offline Looking4fun

A bit of a weird day today, woke up with a smile on my face knowing i had a booking with a beautiful young lady, then the dreaded message to say unfortunately it had been cancelled, oh well plenty of time to sort another so a few enquiries & another booking made for after graft.
Then a shit day at work keeping me back 3hours late so I had to cancel the second appointment,
Get home feeling horny as hell so a quick text to pink ladies for a young lady I was interested in but wasn't quite sure about, anyway booking sorted in the shower & off I go,
30 minutes later I knocked on the door & I'll be honest I was pleasantly surprised when I clapped eyes on Carmell,she has mixed reviews on here under different profile names, so I didn't know what to expect but I'd have to say I found her attractive with a fit body.
Paperwork sorted,she pops off to get us a drink of water & returns a few minutes later.
So a little bit of chat about tattoos etc, yes she has a few which doesn't bother me at all
So we start with some great kissing,cuddling & groping, then she asks my likes/dislikes then we get into it, full on kissing followed by the removal of my boxers & a bit of spitting & a great hj, while she tells me to tell her if it's to firm, which it wasn't just right for me, then on with the cap( which I expected) for some great oral, deep throat all the way swallowed with some great sucking!
Then I ask for a 69 with me lying on my back she gets on my face for a great 69, her deep throating me & me having fun, after about five minutes she's making all the right noises( loud but not to loud if you know what I mean) & tells me she's coming, I'm thinking I cannot hold on much longer so once shes cum she climbs off,has a quick drink then gets on cowgirl bucking away with our lips locked together, it's only a few minutes more before I fill the cap,
So we get cleaned up & lay together chatting about some of the issues she's had & other things.
A few more kisses & cuddles then I do the gentlemanly thing, I make my move to get ready  still chatting & I'll be honest she comes across as a really nice young girl.
Carmell won't be for everyone she doesn't do owo, she has a few tattoos, enhanced boobs but she was spot on for me, attractive looking, fit body & great craic,
The location of the apartment isn't really discrete but I didn't have to wait at all so no standing around nervously, it's got what you need a bed & somewhere to put your clothes. Looked tidy enough not that I ever take much notice if I'm being honest.
Booking was very easy it's the second time I've used this agency & it's a very smooth booking process.
Carmell delivers in my opinion & I will return as I thoroughly enjoyed myself, great deepthroat, very enthusiastic & a great kisser.
The booking was £50 for 30 minutes & I left exactly 30 minutes after arriving, I wish I'd booked longer tbh

Offline Looking4fun

So the second review in a row I've done, I've had pm's from non reviewing non participating  punters asking me to help identify the identity of the wg  I've reviewed
For future reference to save you the time, I will never answer your pm's about a wg's indentity so don't ask!

Did they want to know what her previous working names were, or her "real life" identity?

Edit - Just seen your other thread and realise it was more sinister than old working names.  Ignore me!
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Offline chesterlad

Good review, still undecided - body looks good but not really into overly tattooed lasses - photo on her a/w profile suggest tattoos on her neck/face bit off putting.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (bjdude, chesterlad)

Offline DaveyJJ

Good review, still undecided - body looks good but not really into overly tattooed lasses - photo on her a/w profile suggest tattoos on her neck/face bit off putting.
Link to aw profile mate?

Offline chesterlad

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (bjdude, chesterlad)

Offline Winker121

Liked your review and thanks for the information. When I mentioned on here that I found Pink Ladies acceptable people on here assumed I was the owners  mate so best not to overdo that! Your discretion regarding the young ladies identity is commendable.

Offline Looking4fun

If your friendly with the owner you might want to pass this info on to him & Carmell

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