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Author Topic: Can anyone make sense of this - Aberdeen  (Read 895 times)

Offline Cd06


Does she just want you to take her for dinner and then maybe you will get somewhere?
Her q and a says don't ask how much for an hour, but she has rates up?

Offline DG

I would suggest everyone ignores her until such time as she gets her act together and puts up a proper profile.
Banning reason: White-knight

Offline auldie63

She's been around for years, remember the photos, didn't read all the crap.

She's been around for years, remember the photos, didn't read all the crap.

So, basically a scam then? All that crap about "won't you be my first" looks a bit stupid when she already has feedback, some of which, at least, looks genuine.

Pity; nice looking girl and I'd probably give her a go if she wasn't full of shit.

Offline godwulf7

One of the feedbacks says she had no English, so the profile is probably cut and paste from another WG, or written by somebody else.  Either way, the punt is likely to not go the way you want and you spend half the time using sign language, repeating yourself, pointing at body parts and banging your head off a brick wall.  As somebody else suggested, best leave it until the pressure of no bookings forces her to get her shit together on the profile!   :dash:

Now showing in Glasgow........ Profile now seems a little clearer and £150 for hour ....looks good but not sure she is worth all that

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