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Author Topic: Lola Bell - London  (Read 1450 times)

50 review(s) for Lola Bell (46 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Having read a few reviews of Lola, I'd decided I needed to try a massage not from a Thai girl.

https://www.adultwork.com/1687693 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lola+Bell

Paid £140 for 2 hours.

Contacted Lola via AW email to confirm she was available on the date I wished to see her.  She confirmed she was and to contact her a couple hours before hand to confirm the booking and for the address.

Contacted her on the day, confirmed the booking and she sent through the road name and asked I call her when I was near for the number.

As I approached her road, made the call and she gave me the number.  Her place is a basement flat.  The road is about a 10-15 minute walk from Earls Court station.

I knocked on her door, she opened and let me into a very clean and tidy place.  I was led into a room at the back specifically for massage.

A nice touch with Lola is she held my hand and led me to the room.  Into the room she asked me to sit and asked what kind of experience I was after and how long.  For some reason I was nervous and she calmed me down a bit and holding my hand told me what was on offer.  I opted for the massage with some mild kinky stuff and having already decided on the way that only wanted the hour I actually went for two.  There was something about her that made me want to spend the extra time with her.  I asked if I could cum twice, once at the beginning and once at the end.  She said OK.

I was asked to strip completely and she did the same.  She did leave her heals on, I asked why and she said it was because she like the noise they make.  Lola has a nice body, her skin is silky smooth, her tits and bum where great to ogle.

The Experience
On with the oil, she started the handjob and said I could touch anywhere except her pussy and no fingering. During the handjob I noticed she was looking, almost staring at me.  I questioned this a which point her rather cheeky side started to appear.  What started off as a quick hand job turned into a very kinky and sexually cheeky conversation.  The whole time she was wanking me off.  I had no urge to cum but instead wanted to enjoy the experience.

Every now and then, she would stop talking and give me a blowjob and then come back up and continue the conversation as though there was no interruption.  Feeling a bit brave I asked what would happen if I touched or played with the forbidden zone as I had dubbed it.  She said why don't you try and find out.  So I did, at which point she playfully would squeeze my cock.  I tried it a couple of times and she responded and thought I'd better not try it again.

After about an hour, I assume it was an hour but to be frank I had lost all track of time.  She asked if I wanted to try any fetish.  I responded yes but only mild and nothing with pain.  She pulled out the rubber cock rings and put one on the penis and the other around my balls.  Lots of fondling and play later I shot up like I had not done for quite some time.  I did manage to get some on her tits.

She cleaned me up and asked me to lie on my front for the massage.  During the massage again the conversation flowed and she asked if I wanted to try something else.  I said sure, out come a cane and she proceed to gently hit me with it on my buttocks.  It was different but did not float my boat so I asked her to stop.

Having completely now lost track of time, she then let me know I had come to the end of the session.  I wasn't disappointed that I did not get a second cumming, got into the shower and cleaned off.  The bathroom was clean and there were plenty of fresh towels.

I came out, she helped me dry off and we continued to chat.  As we walked to the front door I did state how there were three things I wanted to do next time.  She said what, so I said I'd show her.  I pulled out her tits and gave them a big long kiss each, kissed her on the lips and pulled her panites down.  She giggled and said I could do the first two but not the third next time.

Out the door, I walked towards the station.

I only came once, but I did not feel disappointed, I left her place happy, content and fairly drained. 

Would I go again?
Yes I would.  Lola is young, cheeky and has a subversive side to her.  Normally during a punt or a massage, at the top of my mind all I'm thinking of is how much I want to cum.  With Lola I just wanted to enjoy the session and her company.

50 review(s) found for Lola Bell linked to in above post (46 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline jason2004

Sounds like a lot of fun but £70 is too dear for me without sex and limited bj.

Sounds like a lot of fun but £70 is too dear for me without sex and limited bj.

A good sensual massage with a well delivered HE can be better than sex and you don't have to put in as much effort yourself!

I couldn't imagine dragging out a massage for 2 hours, as a single shooter I wonder if 1 hour might be too long for me, but Lola is definitely moving up my hotlist.

Thanks for the review  :drinks:

Offline od13218

Thanks for the review. Been planning to visit her for a while as she combines 2 of my greatest pleasures - erotic massage and domination. Looking forward to arranging something soon...

A good sensual massage with a well delivered HE can be better than sex and you don't have to put in as much effort yourself!

I wouldn't worry about that SB - Lola is adept at keeping you on edge for a looooonnng time so the release at the end is explosive. She switches things around so the 2 hours is a good option for a really relaxing and satisfying session. When I saw her a little while ago, I was originally going to book for 90 minutes but due to the odd pricing (90 minutes is £50 more than 1 hour but only £20 less than 2!) I decided on 2 hours and I'm glad I did!

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