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Author Topic: Ruby & Scarlette  (Read 1358 times)

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Just saw Ruby and Scarlette for a half hour duo @ £120. Had a quick shower then hopped on the bed between them. I started kissing each of them then kissing both pairs of large boobs. I didn't know Ruby's were enhanced until she told me. Scarlette's were real. Both were lovely and fun to play with. They took turns sucking me off while I kissed the other one. Then Ruby got a condom out. I asked who wanted it first and they said it was my choice so I chose Scarlette first for some doggy.

I didn't last long at all even though I was trying to take it slow and control my breathing. Very disappointed in myself. I hate wasting my spunk in a condom. So I took turns licking their pussys while I tried to recover. Then I got Ruby to sit on my face while Scarlette sucked me off. I thought I'd got hard enough to fuck Ruby in doggy but it went soft when the condom went on. We tried, I got a few pumps in but it was too much too soon.

It was a great site to see these two girls naked on the bed as I wanked away. I eventually finished on both their tits and left happy. They were great. I was shit. What else is new?! (Will add links later)

11 review(s) found for RubyMorgan linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline StevenS

Sounds good! And packed a lot into 30 mins!

Did they do any girl on girl stuff or was it all on you?

Offline SamLP

Glad you enjoyed OP.
I saw Ruby, but personally I wasn't impressed. Nice girl but poor service, clock watcher, got bumped for time and a few other factors meant I left with a heavy feeling that it was a negative experience. Will put up a review when I have the time.

Sorry to hear that Sam! I hope your next one is much better.

30 minutes isn't a lot of time so I tried to pack in as much as I could. The last two times I've met new girls I've let myself down. Perhaps I'm too used to my regular.

I didn't ask them to do any girl on girl coz I wanted all the attention on me.

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