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Author Topic: FKK visits - views on safety  (Read 533 times)

Hi all

Heading back go Germany in 2 weeks for a couple of days FKK touring (currently Samya and Acapulco guaranteed but have a car so thinking of trying a few other places in the area).

I'm relatively new to FKK punting but have had a few years of visiting houses in Nevada. I've been researching safety (STD-wise) but can't find too much info. I'm just wondering what your views are in relation to this and things you would/wouldn't do?

I had my first FKK visit a few weeks ago and was covered for all activities. A dream FKK trip for me would involve DATY and BBBJ but I don't have enough info or confidence in health standards to go this far. NV wasn't a problem because I'm happy that medical testing is stringent enough to minimise the risks.

General thoughts would be appreciated



Offline Steely Dan

I think that you have to choose for yourself about all risks associated with punting, and don't do what you don't want to do.

Asking here makes little sense.  We are the guys that go to FKKs and fuck and suck our brains out.  So you know what we think. 

If you want data, there are links on the Wiki, start with the 'new to punting page.'

Offline Ben4454

I don't know about samya but I know fkks like Artemis have std checks on their girls. I am heading to Thailand next month and will be bagging it on every service. Street girls I bag for everything too.
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Offline Jerboa

Well if you have a car, the worlds your lobster, clubs can change, so can't recommend many right now, read up on ISG and other boards to see what's hot, maybe Goldentime, PlanetHappy Garden, Oceans, Bernds, you could even head down to Hesse, only two hour drive. As for STD's, I've shagged numerous girls in the clubs over the years, mostly bbbj, and I have caught absolutely zero.

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Samya perfectly fine for what you have planned ime.

Enjoy  ;)

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