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Author Topic: Goodie - City of london  (Read 366 times)

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Only my third ever punt and the best so far. Discreet hotel near Barbican. Easy to find and access. Comms were good - contacted through AW and she confirmed the same day booking within an hour. Had heard from a friend that Goodie offered the whole boarding school jolly hockeysticks vibe which I love and that was exactly what I got. Goodie is very well spoken, smiling and charming but with undercurrent of filth. Put me at my ease, asked about my journey and my day. Offered a shower but I'd had one already so we dealt with the money then she undressed me/. She was wearing a short classy dress and high heeled boots - I asked her to keep the boots on and she was happy to oblige. She is very chatty so if that isn't your thing - avoid. We had OWO, RO, mish and doggie. Really excellent at cocksucking and definitely seemed to love it, rolled my balls around her mouth like a real expert. Good eye contact too. I wanted DFK and this is my only complaint - it was a bit half hearted. She's early 40s but athletic - great real tits holding up well, couple of stretch marks but soft clear skin. Recommended
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Offline LL

Seriously? This has got to be the worst profile pic I've ever seen. Her only picture. Taken on her Grandmother's bedspread and only features footwear.

Stupid name too.
No offence intended and my apologies if I'm mistaken but your cliche-laden first review reads like the work of someone who's not actually a punter but trying hard to come across as one.

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