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Fee: £150 split equally for a 1hr incall
Note: Almost certainly aware of my forum memberships
Summary in red at the bottom
**** Warning – the following report contains graphic details of a bisexual nature ****

Pleasuredome had been on my list for a little while following a few decent reviews, recommending her as an enthusiastic, milfy shag. Priced at a ton on the hour and with all holes available she looked decent value and by all accounts took a good pounding, swallowing spunk and so on. I’d tried a few weeks previously to book her at short-notice, but she was otherwise engaged at the time I wanted. No matter I told her, and put her in my plan for the following month. A few weeks rolled by and I was just getting round to sorting out my April shagging plan, when up popped a message from another punter. He’d met Andrea before and had her booked for the following week, they’d agreed a price for an MMF booking for an hour or so and all he needed was the extra M. Well he’d come to the right place, particularly when he mentioned he’d be up for a bit of Bi fun as well...... Now you’re talking!
Over the next few days we PM’d each other about what we would and wouldn’t do, deciding that the Bi thing was oral only and that we’d mainly concentrate on fucking Andrea properly. He sent me a link to a girl he’d seen a while back with her partner and also a PIN code for a PG with pics of that session so I could have a look at him first. No issues on my part – looked a decent guy with a decent cock and whilst I couldn’t directly return the favour, I sent a few details about myself to (hopefully) reassure him. During the discussion it turned out that this would be Andrea’s first MMF meet and that she was really excited to try it out. Whatever, I for one was looking forward to it and it was actually a bit of a first for me - a Bi MMF meet where I’d not have met either party beforehand. Sex with random strangers – how exciting! At this point I’d had no comm’s with Andrea but elected to establish contact with her. Her response was certainly direct – if she fucks like she talks, then this would be a storming punt. She reckoned she was going to destroy us – I, on the other hand, assured her she would be the one getting destroyed....
Me and the other guy swapped numbers a day or two before and then he confirmed everything on the day with Andrea. I made my way over, parking nearby and then checked my phone. The other guy was getting a taxi over and let me know he was going to be a little late, but invited me to get acquainted with her before he arrived. I texted Andrea and although I was a little early she told me to come straight round, so off I went. A quick knock at the door and in I go to be greeted by her in a black negligee and not much else. She’s an attractive woman in a woman-next-door kind of way and I couldn’t help noticing her ample cleavage. A kiss and cuddle to get things started and then she led me upstairs, providing me with a nice view of her arse as she did. She’s not shy and we chatted easily before reaching her bedroom. Now, her bedroom is made for sex – simple as that. Moody lighting and a big round bed, toys on the side with a basket full of condoms on offer. Seedy? Yes. Get you in the mood? Oh, fucking yes! Prospect of another guy on his way to help me out? I was like a pig in muck.....
I quickly stripped off and headed for the shower with Andrea adding ‘Hurry up, I want to get started’ and after a quick rinse of the offending bits I wandered back to her bedroom. Plenty of DFK as we wrestled with each other before I pulled her top down to get my hands on her monumental boobs. Now I’m not a boobs man by any stretch of the imagination but hers are magnificent. Big, natural and best of all, very big nipples – the sort that demand you get your mouth around them, so I did. By now we’d collapsed on to the bed so I lay back and let her get to work. She got stuck into my cock as well as licking my balls, taking my cock all the way down. Then a little surprise as she held my legs and, kneeling up started sucking my toes – never had that done before – first one foot, then the other. I was just getting into this when Andrea said ‘Is that a knock at the door?’ The other guy had arrived so she nipped down to let him in. ‘How to greet him?’ I thought. Should I grab a towel and cover myself up. Nah! He came upstairs, entered the room and I was there to greet him with a handshake, starkers and sporting a hard-on! Anyway, he’s a relaxing guy so the three of us chatted easily as I lay back on the bed and he stripped off, ready for action.
Now, the rest of the meet is a bit of a blur and I can’t recall exactly what order we did things, so I’ll recall some of the highlights......
Once he’d undressed he came and lay in between us on the bed. Now I’m not shy and neither is she, so we wasted no time and got stuck into his cock straight away. We took turns to suck his cock and lick his balls and at times we shared his cock together. I recall Andrea DT’ing him and then trying to push my head right down to do the same. He’s got a decent sized cock though so it was a bit much for me.
Next up (I think) was him lay on the bed with her sat on his face as he ate her pussy and me stood on the bed getting a BJ from Andrea as she played with his cock. At some point early on she got her wand out as well using it on me as she sucked my cock and herself as she sucked his cock and I played with her pussy.
The other guy lay back on the bed with Andrea knelt on the edge of the bed sucking his cock. I moved round the back of her and proceeded to eat her pussy (delicious) and then got stuck into her arsehole (equally delicious) making sure I got my tongue stuck up there as far as possible. We moved on from this to me stood on the bed whilst the other guy sucked my cock encouraged by her. Once she’d set him to work she moved round behind me, pushed her face between my arse cheeks and gave me a good rimming. This was absolutely fabulous – I just closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations of what was happening to me. Getting a BJ and being rimmed at the same time is one of life’s true pleasures. I could have stood there all day......
I wasn’t finished with being rimmed though. I was asked to lie back on the bed and spread my legs. Andrea got down between my legs and started tonguing my arsehole whilst my podging pal got his mouth round my cock. Absolute bliss again. Never been a massive fan of being rimmed but I might just change my tune after this little outing.
The pair of us then got Andrea knelt on the bed with me in front of her and him behind. She encouraged me to get my fingers in her pussy and finger-fuck her hard. I’m not sure where his hands were but probably playing with her arsehole. At the same time I was enjoying DFK with her, but the pair of us then started kissing her neck. This seemed to tip her over the edge as she got really worked up which encouraged us to really get stuck into her. Eventually she blurted out ‘I need to be fucked! I need both of you to fuck me now!’ I dare say neither of us needed a written invite so after continuing for a while we eventually reached into that basket of condoms.
First up we started with a spit-roast, him fucking her in doggy while she gagged on my cock. I think Andrea enjoyed having a cock stuck in her at both ends if the look on her face was anything to go by. We did this for a few minutes and then swapped over. He lay on the bed, Andrea jumped on top of him for a 69 and then I aimed my cock at her pussy. As I started to fuck her he was licking her pussy and my balls and cock. I didn’t go to quickly here as I wanted him to be able to lick my cock as I fucked so a gentle rhythm was all that was required. From my perspective this felt fantastic, particularly having my balls licked as I fucked.
Now to the bit that Andrea had requested – DP! Now this isn’t as easy as it looks so I went underneath to start with Andrea settling on top of me in CG. Then the other guy took aim and after a little struggle, eventually got his cock up her arse. One or two delighted squeals from her as she enjoyed her first ever DP and she snogged my face off for good measure. After a few minutes of this we decided to swap over so a quick pitstop for fresh rubber and then she climbed on top of him in CG. I knelt behind her, applied a bit of lube and aimed my cock at her arsehole. In I went – fuckin’ lovely! We managed to both fuck her although I doubt we’d trouble the porn stars in this respect. I indulged myself a little by going for the classic porno move where you squat over the girl and fuck her arse in DP – successfully carried out and I banged her arse for a few minutes until my thighs started to burn.
I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff out but by the end we were all sweaty, knackered and smiling and we all lay there chatting away to relax and recover. We’d run over time by a fair bit so I nipped for a shower with the other lad following me. Then handshakes for the boys and a kiss and cuddle for her and I’m on my way. Funny but on the drive back you start pondering about the things you didn’t do or could have done, but there’s only so much time and I for one only have so much energy.
Overall this was an absolutely stonking punt. She’s relaxed and down to earth and the other guy is dead relaxed and not a bit brash or showy (similar to me) so the three of us really worked well together IMO. Would I recommend? Easy, I’d like another go please.....
To summarise, I’d say the following:-
Venue – small terraced house, easily found off the motorway and not far from the airport. Her bedroom is really well set out – big circular bed for shagging on and moody lighting to complete the seedy picture. Felt great - a room designed for sex!
Comm’s – all good, and all arrangements made by the other guy with Andrea. Me and him swapped a few ideas as to what we might like to do but decided really to go with the flow. I exchanged a few naughty emails with her in advance, promising to destroy each other. No issues at all.
WG – milf next door type, profile seems accurate as regards measurements. She’s friendly, outgoing and full-on when it comes to fucking. Big, natural tits with the biggest nipples I’ve had the pleasure of – tits made to be sucked.
Services – Bi-MMF (her first threesome), DFK, OWO, DT, RO, Rimming, CG, Doggy, Anal, Anal play, DP. To be honest, it was only afterwards that I thought of a few things we didn’t do, but that probably tells the story of how ‘into it’ we all got. Generally we concentrated on fucking her, but enjoyed some very enjoyable oral on each other.
Verdict – a fantastic punt from start to finish. Time flew by and we ran over by a fair margin but I think that was because we all got carried away with what we were doing. I have no doubt that she provides a similar level of service for a 1-2-1 visit. If you want a VFM, milfy shag with all holes on offer, look no further! Very highly recommended by tcm.


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Blimey TCM! Some memories there I bet! Makes my punts sound so average! Got to try and experiment a bit more when ready! Cheers for the interesting review!   :)

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Another stonking review tcm, great read  :hi:

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Great reviewing mate, might not be everyone's cup of tea but your reviews are always thought provoking... :thumbsup:

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Your certainly getting through that bucket list  :D
Fair play to you


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Fucking awesome. Is she quite vocal ?

Another monumental punt, tcm.  I live and learn!    Bm

the mother of all punts  :hi:

TCM - a punting legend in the making

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Great report tcm  :thumbsup: Definitely something for everyone in there!

I may have misread it, but did you cum?!

Great report tcm  :thumbsup: Definitely something for everyone in there!

I may have misread it, but did you cum?!

I didn't, due to 'activity' earlier in the day that couldn't be avoided! The other guy came whilst in DP, which was good fun.


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Great report but whilst Ive had gangbangs and have no problems with bisexual or bicurious women, amy male bi contact would be out of the question and an instant turn off. Just goes to show how one mans storming punt would be anothers total nightmare!

Another classic review TCM; as I've said before, I always appreciate your candour.