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Author Topic: Wonderful sexy sensual massage from genuine lady with beautiful breasts. HOWDEN  (Read 2974 times)

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www.adultwork.com/3363751 or www.adultwork.com/Jayne+Doe

I think I've attached the link correctly! Perhaps someone could help if not...

So, I signed up to UKP perhaps a month ago. I've found it by turns funny / helpful / informative / misogynistic / capable of saving me a lot of money and grief! I was enjoying a bit of a run of punts at the turn of the year but lately I've not bothered quite so much. I tend to go for a longer, relaxed outcall to my place but the more I read on UKP, the more I think I should be doing in calls and spreading the net a bit wider.

Anyway I did some research on AW this weekend, ready for some action midweek. Then, using my new found knowledge / research / fount of all wisdom tool that is UKP, shot them all down in flames! I did like the sound of the above, though, a nice sensual massage, no pressure, just a lovely relaxing hour with possible HE. Sent email. got prompt reply.

'Jayne' has not long been on AW and her profile is inaccurate. It says she's Singaporean! She isn't. Not that that would be a problem, I hasten to add. She was born there but is Yorkshire through and through. So we arranged to spend an hour today. It was absolutely delightful. You know sometimes you finish an hour and leave and think 'well,what a letdown, waste of time and money, could have done better all by myself'  :wacko:

Well absolutely NOT the case here. The meet was excellent.

Appearance... well, Jayne looks better than her photos; she is perhaps a size 12 with some of the loose bits you'd associate with  people of my age; she started in discreet jeans and top and has a very pleasant arse, in those jeans. Soon as I saw her I thought: yes, she is sexy! Well I paid up my £85 for an hour's self-indulgence and stripped ready for action. She emerged from the bathroom in a two-piece lingerie set and my eyes nearly popped out at the sight of her breasts. GULP! They are wonderful. Now, we had agreed a massage from her to me, becoming increasingly intimate, HE and a bit of kissing to finish (at her discretion) and I was allowed to touch her i.e. caress not get too intimate. But I just HAD to check I was going to get to play with those tits. Oh, yes, of course you are, she said!!

So I lay on my front. She started with a little oil on my back and I just KNEW as soon as she touched me that this was going to be good. She meant her attentions, if you get my drift, she wasn't making it up. She's not a professional masseuse so if you want a proper problem-solving massage this isn't for you. But fuck it, go for this anyway. I was floating at the end! Firm back massage, then kind of skipping arse, down to feet and back up the legs. VERY soothing but also VERY erotic. Then arse, perineum, scrotum, spreading my legs wide as I was on my front. I had literally showered moments before we met so I felt comfortable I was ultra-clean. I was chilled and kind of aroused. THEN she began rubbing those amazing fun bags on my arse and up and down my back, grinding her pussy onto the back of my calf (as per the profile, she was still in bra and panties set - but I could feel heat and moisture from her pussy). She whispered 'time to roll over' and breathed in my ear.

Bit of a thigh and chest and tummy massage, then she got a little more oil and set about a happy ending. Happy? Fucking delirious..! Nice hand action, breasts in my face, light kissing, flushed cheeks indicating she was enjoying this very much. Then she went down for some OWO. This was excellent and I reached down and released her breasts, fondling them. Wonderful nipples too!! Then with some manoeuvring, my hard cock was between her magnificent soft-skinned beauties. The rest, as they say, is history. I've had a couple off the wrist this week (in the course of my 'research' haha) so I wasn't expecting the greatest of orgasms.

But this just blew me away. What an excellent climax.  :yahoo: :yahoo:

She then cleaned me, lay with her head on my chest, kissed me, stroked me for maybe ten minutes. She kept saying how turned on she was and I thought fleetingly about returning the favour. But not sure if that was out of bounds and a little selfishly (I was in a trance, basically) I just lay there. Tell you what else, chatting away, she's a nice, genuine, sincere person too, she has a full-time job and does this on the side, a little bit each week. She really enjoys doing it.

I could go on. I probably have. We went about ten minutes over time. I'm going to keep my hands off my cock for about ten days in the near future and repeat this experience. Reckon I'll end up in Coronary Care.

Look, I know it was just a massage, but I think she deserves a decent review. Like I said before, sometimes you think: YES! That was money well spent. If you just want to get away, quiet hour, nice cuppa, lovely massage, VERY happy ending... get yourself to Howden haha.

1 review(s) found for Jayne Doe linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Many thanks... new to UKP so not sure how to go and how much detail to provide.
A really pleasant experience, anyway!

Offline Tallboy2

Good honest review mate.  Howden not far from me either.
I need RO though at the least. But I could ask her if it's on the menu?
Welcome to UKP. You get more respect when leaving reviews. Too many blood suckers on here that don't leave reviews,trouble is you then have no idea who they really are.


Yes, I'm learning that. I only signed up to UKP in Feb. Picking up a lot of usual tips from the likes of yourself and other regulars. I do and have punted regularly for years now and will happily throw in an opinion as and when. Plus I shall of course do Reviews!
How far back do you want me to go?

Re 'Jayne' I agree with you on the RO but it wasn't on the table (bed!!) this time. I think she pretty much enjoys giving and she very much got into the meet. I think with one or two more meets things might get more lively.

Her tits are just lovely!!!

Great review mate, I'm not too far from Howden and would love to find a good HE (and maybe a bit more) for some chill times  :D
so thanks for that


Very stimulating experience!!

Offline Turtle Z

Presumably her tits are real?

Offline Turtle Z

Very much so

Thanks. Fake tits would have been a deal breaker for me!

Offline hullad

Nice report CTID

I can see me wandering up the A63 for a bit of that lady ......

She sounds just the job

I must stress it was a lovely massage - quite sensual - with a happy ending.
She's ok to look at but something about her is really sexy and her breasts are gorgeous!


Offline Turtle Z

I must stress it was a lovely massage - quite sensual - with a happy ending.
She's ok to look at but something about her is really sexy and her breasts are gorgeous!


You've sold me on the tits!  :drinks:

Offline Turtle Z

Happy to also confirm that Jayne is excellent and her tits are every bit as good as I expected them to be. Good to know we have another reliable and realistic reviewer.  :hi:

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