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    Also advertises on AW but her profile is presently down.  I think she only shows it on days she works, which are occasional.  Therefore, track by mobile number: 07555 247051

    One of the least enjoyable punts I have ever had.  Charlotte IS the girl in the photos, she IS good looking (though not stunning) and she is quite well spoken.  There, the good stuff ends and the rest is unremittingly awful.

    Came in and was left in room as she went downstairs to leave the money.  No problem - usual SOP.  Back she came to frogmarch me downstairs to wash my hands.  I mean seriously, she stood over me and watched while I washed them and then told me to wash them again because I hadn't removed all the soap.  WTF...even my mum doesn't do that anymore.

    Back up to the room where I lay on the bed and she straddled me...fully clothed...and started to talking about this and that.  She took entire control of the exchange and left not an inch to initiate anything physical.  Conversation included a brusque reminder not to tear her tights should I move suddenly and a lengthy discourse about her intention to marry someone wealthy, how ambitious she was, how money is everything, how it's who you know, not what you know, etc.  Yawn.  If Chavness and Shallowness were international sports, she'd be playing for England.

    Having wasted half the booking she then decided we could start the actual punt.  Kissing?  Listed in her profile but forget that.  She doesn't kiss.  So I experienced that wonderful moment where the near naked girl reminds you she'd rather be somewhere, and with someone, else.  Oral with nicely done...enjoyable.  She's good at that.  And it was a relief to plug her mouth with my cock and end the constant stream of drivel otherwise coming out of it. 

    Reverse oral...no, we're not doing that.  Yes, she does do it but better to save it for next time, so I have something to look forward to when I come to see her again.  As if.  And better for who?  Sex.  She got on all fours and allowed me to fuck her.  When I came, complete paranoia about holding my cock and the condom as I withdrew.  Post coital conversation about our future bookings (lol), by which time I can only imagine she thought either I was stupid (I am not) or she was completely irresistible (she probably does believe this.)

    Genuinely awful punt.  One of the worst I've ever had.  Actually sub-Romanian in quality because at least Sergei's girls don't pretend to make any effort or pretend to offer a decent service.  Charlotte is a useless WG, a complete manipulator and she's neither close to good looking enough nor exciting enough to get away with it.  80 quid for half an hour.  Buying white goods would be more sexually arousing.  And more interesting.  And better company.
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