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Author Topic: Pro$$ies who have baggy fannies.  (Read 1649 times)

Offline Steely Dan

I do agree with what you say but there is also a recognised medical condition of loose vag or "vaginal relaxation syndrome".

We discussed it a little while ago and I can't be bothered getting lots of studies out again, but just to establish it exists (and can apparently now be treated with laser treatment) :
Yes agree.  Your link is right,  & based on real life.  But this condition is NOT caused by one guy with a too big dick fucking her one time. Just saying, slang aside, a pussy is not like a hole in plasterboard that is 'drilled' open.

Offline Marmalade

So maybe the correct way to approach might be, if a punter experiences it in a punt, just to say he could feel fuck all when he was inside her. I've had it more often with prossies than civvies. I don't draw a conclusion on the state of their fanny usually. It is an unfounded conclusion to say she has a bucket fanny or doesn't have one, but a punter can report his experience.

Offline Stiltskin

Bigger girls, whatever their aw profile might claim via photoshopping, have been my only experiences of this.

I've never met a fit slim WG with a baggy fanny, has anyone on here?

If you shag enough women you'll find all sorts. I've had fat girls with really tight fannies and one tiny Thai girl that was so loose I struggled to cum.

My first experience of a baggy fanny was a deviant Spanish WG i met in Liverpool. Hole was tight enough but as soon as you were in it was like sticking your dick in a milk bottle. It was like a cave in there.

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