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Author Topic: Consensus on ES?  (Read 1878 times)

Not sure if I'm allowed to post links but I'm sure people will know what site I'm referring to. Seems to be a lot of escorts on here that don't appear on AW, and many which look too good to be true. Anyone have any good experiences with ES? Cheers.

Offline Bluefin

My first and last punt from that site was shit.
Feedback was obviously left by the girl herself as it bore no relation to my experience with her.
I wouldn't use it again, photos usually look airbrushed and too good to be true, better with AW IMO.

Its not a site you can have any real confidence in I wold say about half the profiles are fake

If its too good to be true then it usually is AW is a more renowned site and a better bet

Offline dunderson

I just had an incredible punt from an ES ad. I'll post a review in a minute. Once before I had a so-so punt with a different girl from ES. Probably helps to look out for verified photos. This last girl told me that she wasn't on AW because they required her to have a passport, which she didn't have. If that's true, there are probably other good WGs who aren't on AW for the same reason. 

Offline ickydicky

i go for aw every time over es
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Offline Marmalade

Can't remember how many I've fucked and reviewed. They had some crackers going back two or three years but my last punt with them was a bit rubbish. Yes, afaik you can say Escort Scotland or any genuine service providers site. We can't review the wee hoors if we cannae identify them.

My last two Edinburgh punts were with ES. Joana from Colombia and Sophie Schneider. Joanna is amazing and the only girl I've seen more than once. Sophie in person was far different from the extreme airbrushed pics on her profile. All in all, I sometimes prefer it to AW website which can be too much work to navigate and book. There's something more organic about the chase on ES for me.

Offline somefun

Sorry if i've missed it but I don't see any reviews for Schneider (Sofie)  in Scotland - does anyone have any comments on the fairness of her profile?


She seems to be in Edinburgh quite often.

Offline mavgoose

Never use them. Never will. Personal choice.

ES was the best for classy WGs back in the day.  Now it seems to be hijacked by the corrupt kind of EEs who have ruined it.  ES in recent years has had more bait and switch that AW. I try to avoid now.

Seems to good to be true.. It probably is.

Offline ickydicky

its hard enuf on aw sorting the good ones from the wrong uns but on es its impossible
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Offline Para124

I found ES pretty reliable a few years back, but rarely go on it now as its 90% fake or b&s.

Those that are genuine tend to have a profile on aw too so I don't feel I'm missing much now in avoiding ES, plus I'm still in touch with the ones that were good (Kendra and Camilla for example).

Think my last punt from that site was with 'Antonia' who I note is still advertising. Photos are unbelievably photoshopped. Looks like a size 8/10 red headed sex goddess...turned out she was a size 16 elephant who may have been the girl in the photos but must have been at least 10 years ago if not more. Haven't relied on ES ever since.

Started my punting using es a few years back was having a rough time with es was ready to throw in the towel all together till I met curvy savannah and she put me on to aw haven't look at es since.

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