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Author Topic: Auntie Molly (Durham)  (Read 1306 times)

Offline Gaz Up North

Has anyone seen her, she advertises on AW.

Seems to be in the Ferryhill area, I suspect her and Fran (Stock and chains) are the same person?
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Gaz Up North, NE lad)

Offline ncarter

Could you let us have a link for both profiles please.

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Offline Gaz Up North

Yes, thats them.
Sorry - I should have provided links   :hi:
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Gaz Up North, NE lad)

so if you click on 'Authentic Profile' at the foot of one of the profiles and log into AW you can report your suspicions and AW may delete one of them if they agree, for example if they find she used the same IP address for both profiles.

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