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Author Topic: FabSwingers  (Read 7129 times)

Offline jawill

Worked for me too but only in conjunction with attending swingers parties.

Offline Jerboa

Wrong mate, sorry. I'm neither, but Fab works for me. In fact I prefer it to AW, and when I'm out & about I'm more on Fab than I am on AW, because believe me the sex is way better when there's no money changing hands ... you know she's simply doing it because she's horny. Or they, in the case of MMF ...


Yes I can believe that, punting is great and convenient, but sex is usually better with no fees involved, I have signed up to a few swinging sites, but not done much, what makes me smell a rat is the amount of messages I get, from couples and females, but you obviously have to buy membership to read. I have been on and off in the swinger scene for years, back in the olden days we used contact magazines to arrange meets lol, and going to swingers clubs is no issue for me.

I was on it for about a year, had zero luck in getting any meets. Got talking to one woman on it, about maybe 30 minutes away from me, seemed promising, but the stumbling block was that we both could not drive, and public transport, for her at least was a no no. Was at a disadvantage, as I couldn't go to any fab nights at clubs, due to not being able to drive.

Recently deleted my account there because it was pointless being on it if I was failing to get meets, the longer I was on the worse it would get.

If I had been of the bisexual persuasion (I'm not by the way!) I would have likely got some meets, as I had a lot of bisexual men winking me!! But that wasn't what I was looking for, to be quite honest!

Offline Kinkykate78

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Works for us but agree with others, there are a lot of time wasters on there, and fake single female profiles  :thumbsdown:

With some parties on aw as well as fab do you all use for punting name for all fab meets?

If the wife's in a particularly horny mood then we have a little dabble on the old FS. Usually only meet couples but if we're struggling just change our settings to single guys and the offers come flooding in. :D
If you're a single guy though you're gonna struggle to get anything, I have a single profile on it and can get nothing.

If you're not Mr Six Pack you're fresh out of luck.  You're better off saving the amount of time required to sift through the profiles and devining which ones are real and which ones are bogus working and saving up for a punt for a girl you want.

I am Mr Six Pack, but even I struggle with Fab.  If you're happy to hook up with 40+ year old women who are below 5/10 on the hotness scale, you'll do okay.  Hotties in their 20s receive so many messages per day that you'll be lucky if they even open yours.

The whole swinger scene is very much hit and miss; a lot of time and effort for very little or no return
Even for decent looking fit guys

And is not much better than trying your luck at the local pub or club especially if a singles night is arranged
 in fact the odds are probably more in your favour

And as others have said any decent looking females on sites even at events will be pestered and crowded,
get flooded with messages and will be very choosy who they meet/ get it on with,
 even the munters will get a ridiculous amount of attention
Only those with an OH that’s into the scene will get lucky with any kind of regularity

Better to stick with events with paid talent attending at least your guaranteed some fun even if no willing swingers are available

I have been on there for 3 months. I am in good shape/do quite well with women being out and about. I have sent over 100 messages and probably only have had 3 replys.
However one which was odd was a couple from London who were arranging a Gang Bang (which I found out was arranged pretty much every Friday night). They replied with a phone number- I called and he gave me the address and said i would have to pay £60 to contribute for the hotel room- the local travelodge. Surely the lady must have been a prostitute. Obviously with 8-10 other men they would be making £600 for a few hours work. I gave it a miss.

Offline cmspunk

Im on there and used to meet loads of couples and single fems....but like most similar sites....has turned to shit now.

My view of fab is that you can get lucky. I have had 3 civvy encounters over the years but generally, its just a scam. Most of the profiles are faked and/or men pretending to be women or couples. I believe a lot of the verifications are also faked. I think they are faked by
a) people with one or multiple profiles
b) the website owners fake some of them

A lot of the females who "only meet in clubs" are just acting as agents for the clubs ,a honey trap, to lure mug punters.

Further a lot of the females are munters.

You only have to look at how many "new" profiles appear each day. At the current rate every female in the UK should now be listed on FAB !

For a single man there is nothing .
But ok if you are in to gang bangs  advertised nothing else

Offline rebelscum

Same experience as me, single guy, the women on there aren't interested unless you're hung like a horse or look like Brad Pitt, and most people on there only want to meet couples.  That's why I would spend my hard earned on punting, no complications...well, less than arranging a civvie meet! 

Online Citybased

I was on it for nearly ten years and met lots of women and a few couples - not all meets ending with playing however...I had full on fun with 20 plus people in all although like me they were not lookers, but I prefer real folk with a readers wife look in civvies encounters.
It is hard work and you have to have a thick skin and patients but it has left me with some great memories. My best meet was from a single mum (30s - face 5/10 body 7/10) who contacted me after I had put up a 'frustrated with timewasters' comment as my status, three hours and one social drink later I was balls deep in any hole I wanted and she demanded I finish on her face :-)

So 2 meeting a year on average
I think you did well

Online Citybased

Thank you....considering my age and not really a looker I was happy with my success, I was always polite and never pressured anyone, chatted about anything except meeting in the early message just to gauge level of intelligence and to see if there was any chemistry and took it from there.....I was lead up the garden path a few times by fakes and time wasters but moving to a quick hello telephone call to prove parties were genuine would normally send them running.
A lot of the women I met were middle aged BBW types for sure but not all and as I like women of all shapes and sizes that was not a problem, I did meet a few couples as well but that was less successful as less chance of all 3 getting on with eachother.
One woman I met had a 9/10 body and it took my ages to get to meet her and when I did get an invite to hers, I was really disappointed as her place was a tip and she was a bit crackers.....only stayed for a blow job/CIM and made my excuses lol...surprisingly I didn't get a verification off here lol
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Offline jawill

Most meets I had when using fab was when I was also meeting these people at a swinging party.  If we all got on that would usually end up being invited to private parties in their houses, meeting friends, hotel meets etc. 

I've met women from Fab, it is perfectly possible. The only issue is, as others have said, they're going to be generally much, much less attractive than the average WG and in my experience, usually women who have either got divorced or their lives haven't turned out how they'd hoped so they're a bit broken and looking to add a bit of fun, attention, 'glamour' to their lives. An added complication if in a relationship is the risk of them developing feelings or some sort of entitlement to your time/attention - even though it's a swinging site, there's a risk of that developing as you are now in a human relationship zone rather than a purely transactional zone.

For the above reasons I personally do not believe that it beats well-researched, careful punting, where you hand over your money, enjoy a bit of fantasy time with a stunner and leave without any repercussions.

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